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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Homes 4 Rent at on 17-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Homes 4 Rent
  • Address: 30601 Agoura Rd, Suite 200
  • City: Agoura Hills
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (855) 774-4663
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Homes 4 Rent published at on 17-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Stay away form this company. Horrible company overall. A pipe burst under my house and I am being charged for the repairs. This occured at 7pm on a Sat night and all we heard was a pop so we didn’t think anything of it. Once going into the hallway I realized the carpet was soaked.I walked into the bathroom and the water was flowing out the door and up half the baseboard. I then went into the bedrooms and the carpets were completely soaked. I ran outside to shut the water off and called the Maintenance hotline for AH4R. | They made it a point to tell me I needed to start the clean up and I was responsible for starting to soak up the water. They said a plumber would be contacting me. Hours passed and NO plumber. I called again told the same thing. | It was now after midnight and NO plumber has shown up. I continued to work through the night to soak up water and move damaged furniture. | Sunday morning I called Maintenance again and told them still NO plumber. I was told the same thing. No one showed up all day and night on Sunday either. | Monday morning I called Maintenance again this is now at least my 12th call and they acted surprised by the fact that no plumber had shown up. I was told someone would be over. It was not until after noon that a general contractor showed up to look at the damage and said he could not fix the issue he would need to call a Plumber. | I have been without running water in my home for 48hr now and have damaged furniture, beds etc. My family used the shop vac and fans to clean up the water. It was horrible to have our furniture in the driveway and no place for the kids to sleep. Finally the pipe was fixed and water was turned back on Monday night. | Now this contractor is suppose to take care of the water damage on the walls,floors and carpets. My home has to have the windows open all day and night. I have two bedrooms with no furniture in them and wet carpet. This ordeal that should have been resolved quickly ended up taking 11 days. | The 11 days were all BUT normal. We had the carpet laying in our front yard “drying out” and the padding being vacuumed with the shop vac to “save it”. The walls were left untreated for so long mold started to form. We went days with absolutely NOTHING done at the house because we were waiting on “decisions” from the home office in California. I had the contractor at my house after 8pm using shop vacs and my windows needed to be left open all day and night. | This company did not care about our health or safety. I am now being told it is my responsibility to pay for the repairs because after the maintenance dept and field Manager looked at the report from the plumber and pictures it shows that it was an intentional break by us. They said “we” broke the pipe at the spigot and we have to pay. | I have pictures and an eye witness to the whole process and we did not break anything. | It has gotten to the point that the company is now charging me a $50 late fee monthly and a $75 Notice fee monthly and having a notice placed on my door three months in a row to vacate for non payment. I have $375 in fees plus the plumbing fee I am expected to pay. | I told the comapanyI am not paying and will go to court but now I feel they are going to act on the vacate notice and keep my deposit even though I did not break this pipe. | This company is ripping me off big time and I hope someone can put a stop to this.

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