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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Immigration Dream Realty Firm L.LC. at on 27-Jul-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Immigration Dream Realty Firm L.LC.
  • Address: 801 North Point Parkway, Suite No-20
  • City: West Palm Beach
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 561.729.7624
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Immigration Dream Realty Firm L.LC. published at on 27-Jul-15 says, verbatim –

Where do I begin with this Con-Artist. First I will ask that you read this all the way to the end. Malik Hamid Zaman Sr is a realtor that uses the most deceitful tatics to gain honest clients. He’s a LISTING agent that LIES to get your property under his clutches. I’ve literally SEEN HIM argue and use extremely disrespectful and foul language with clients whom properties he could not find a buyer for, but would not allow the owner to sell the property to buyer they found themselves. His business approach is to give the impression that he has foreign buyers lined up to buy your home (and he is slightly believable because he is foreign with a thick accent) but he paints this wicked picture just to get the owner/seller to list with him for A YEARLY LISTING to attempt to sell your property at an extremely higher amount so he can pocket the difference. For one, a credible listing agent will never ask for more than 90 days to sell your home. | Number two, if you have buyers and marketing in order then they should be able to put a 10% nonrefundable deposit down so they are not wasting the owner/seller’s time. Number three, he should be willing to answer real questions and provide references for clients he has previously sold properties for. He does NONE of these. When you ask legitimate questions as an interested but skeptical buyer, he lies. When you question the lie he is unable to explain, he becomes upset and he raises his voice to YOU as if you are the problem. When ever you paint him in a corner with legitimate questions and he sees you are not a simple-minded homeowner, he will show his true character. HE IS A SNAKE in the truest human form. His smiles and charms are greed-motivated. He cares about nothing but money. Lies and says he’s a Muslim but the WORST kind. He is a snake. Just as important, he is a con-artist to the worst degree with his office and employees. **I’m able to explain all of this because I worked for him and he personally tried to train me and other employees to be the snake he is, but slowly everyone leaves after the see his business model and character truly.** He has no solid employees, departments, or friends. If you are exposed to Malik Zaman for an extended period of time, you will begin to distance yourself from him. Everyone does. And eventually I did. He trains employees to lie. Literally. He trains that to be a success you must overcome any objection a potential listing gives. “Tell them whatever they want to hear until I get them listed,” he trains. There is no immigration department matching clients to homes. He even makes the employees believe that until you really question it. And the devil hates when you question his lies. Also, he expects people to not remain around him long anymore. So what he does is make long term big promises to the new employee so he can pay them peanuts while they make him thousands, and after no more than 2 weeks every employee catches on to him and he fires them or they mostly quit themselves. This is how he gets a revolving door of cheap labor. LoL listen readers…..THIS MAN IS A SNAKE! Do not list your home with him, do not work for him, do not trust him to even take your trash outside. He is very manipulative and bi-polar. I ask that you question him about EVERYTHING until he provides all proof of whatever lie he is telling you. Well I really recommend that you talk to him first (just for entertainment) to literally see a liar and a snake try to make you his prey. And then question everything he said for the proof. He will not provide it. He will reveal his scales and horns. He has no credibility but a bunch of stories of him visiting numerous countries and being a successful politician. Yes, he lies about politics too people. Ask him to show you his political works, election wins, community changes. He will show you none. He was a very unsuccessful politician if any because of who he is in his core. A wicked man that everyone eventually sees through. He’s opened and closed several offices internationally because everywhere he goes people see the true him so he has to relocate his scam and con new areas of people. He claims to have over a 100 websites to market your property, but only a scammer needs more than one credible website. AT&T only has one. DirecTV only has one. Keller Williams only has one. Remax only has one. I worked for this man and came in whole-heartedly. Sacrificed many hours, plus time and distance away from my family. I’ve gotten him several listings “the honest way” and he has never paid on them as promised because of his long-term-lies he drowns new employees with. I’ve made him thousands and never received one thousand in total pay from him. I live and move by my morals and this is not the man to be around. If you want honesty and true service, list with a credible realty company with local marketing, local buyers, and that give you a 90 day closing GUARANTEE in writing. He will NOT give you any of these. If you are looking for employment, do not waste your time and good energy. He will drain as much as he can from you. His smiles are sadistic because he lies to everyone. Always always always ask him for proof of whatever he is saying. If he’s lying yo list your home, ask for references that you can TALK TO. He will slither away. If he’s lying about employment, as him to show you an employee that’s been with him for over 2-3 months. There aren’t any, there are no departments, it’s just him the revolving 2 or 3 employees he changes ever month and leads that he will have you lie to in order for your short time there to make him thousands. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT attach yourself to this man under any contract or business agreement. You will regret it and you will remember this warning. These names are all the same to me: Lucifer, Satan, Malik Zaman |

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