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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Moving Group at on 13-Sep-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Moving Group
  • Address: 433 PLAZA REAL SUITE 275
  • City: Boca Raton
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 18887800172
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Moving Group published at on 13-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

American Moving Group (AMG) is a complete Fraudulant Company that specializes in Bait and Switch Tactics and Deposit Rip-Off scams. After Contacting a local Detective in Boca Raton, we were informed that this Company goes by many different names. The General Manager that we dealt with name was Max Bruno, but he has gone by many other names such as Dan Morris, Jack Moore, and Ben. The local authorities are very aware of their activities but have not been able to do anything about it. That’s the System, protecting the crooks and not the public- so they are still operating and profiting by ripping off people. | We were contacted by a man from AMG named Corey Smith through voice mail, stating a savings of 70% off our long distance move to another state. I was completely honest to the other estimates of $5400 or more for a 3-4 bedroom home move. I informed Corey that we had all our belongings in a large 10×30 Storage Unit and it was full, but not Packed tight. I knew I could get all items into a 24 ft. Box Truck and could,do the move myself for $2500 or less. Corey ensured that the move could be done at the discounted rate for the same or less. Do the simple Math here 70% off of other moving companies estimates would have been around $1800- $3000 dollars to the offer given by this company (AMG). | I informed Corey that I did not want to deal with a Broker and he did evlove that AMG were Brokers. Which is a direct Breach of Contract from this Companies Contracts. When I responded to the voice mail to Corey’s offer, the voice mail was another employee (a woman) that as Corey put it “was, no longer with the company and he recently received a promotion. I was informed to put down a $750 Deposit and to state only the large items in the Contract that would take up the most space on the Moving Truck. Then when the actual Movers arrived in a 27 ft. Box Truck (Rented Budget Truck), it was half full and there was no room for all of our things. The truck was 2.5 hrs. late and there was no phone call in the 4 hr. window given from the Movers, so I contacted AMG for details. The was brushed off by two AMG employee’s and they did not want to deal with me directly. At this point, I had a feeling they we’re complete frauds. | After the Movers saw the amount of items in my Storage Unit, they gave another estimate of $5400 or more. At this point, I contacted AMG and received a call back from the General Manager named Max Bruno. When I asked for my deposit back, he became very hostile and talked over me constantly. He blamed me and defended himself. Truth is Folks, when you point the finger- you have three pointing back at you; and the difference between the Truth and a Lie, is you have to defend the lie. Honest Companies will talk to customers and try to resolve any issues or make things right. This Company is far from Honest. | The next day Max Bruno called me in reference to an email from me , notifying him that I had contacted my Credit Card Company and Bank to the Fraudulant Charges. My wife answered my phone and again he was very hostile and blaming, not trying to resolve the issue. As my wife spoke to him calmly and professional, he stated “I will educate you sweetie”; as well as other disrespectful comments. In fact his last words to her was and I quote ” Thanks for your $750, kiss my ass” and then hung up. I may or may not get my $750 back, but I know for sure that my life and how I treat others is worth more than paper and ink. I put more value on my own soul then that. If a man gains the whole world and loses his soul, what did he gain? I will forgive this Company and this Man for their classic Bait and Switch racket in misleading good honest hard working people. I know I do not have to worry in these matters, for God sees everything and waits. | Best advice to others… DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY… Do your research and read all reviews.. I grew 10 ft. from my experience. This Company comes off like a Moving Company and in a Fact they are Moving Brokers. Theye play the part and bait you to hook you, then when the truck arrives the binding price changes (switch). The play on your emotions with small talk about their mother/father to try and convince you that they are genuine human beings. Then they want general information about items that you are moving, all along informing you that the miscellaneous items do not matter and they will hold to their pricing. Then they ask for a Deposit that they will not refund and turn hostile, when you prove them to be in Breach of Their Contract. I have all my Voice Mails, Emails, and even asked them if they recorded their conversations for review. This only makes them more hostile toward you and then they sling profanity, thank you for your stolen money and hang up. That’s the rundown.. |

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