American Public University System Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Public University System at on 26-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Public University System
  • Address: 111 West Congress Street
  • City: Charles Town
  • State: West Virginia
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 703.334.3266
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Public University System published at on 26-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

How was I ripped off by APISS/AMU? Let me count the ways… | 1. I was half way through the program…and they dropped the program! This demonstrates how bureaucratic whimsy is more important to them than their students. I could either quit and lose all the work I had done, or finish the program by taking a bunch of classes that had nothing to do with my major. I chose the latter, which was a mistake. | 2. In one class I answered the “short answer” section on the final with a short but comprehensive and correct answer. I was marked down because my answer was too short! The only class in which I didn’t receive an “A” grade. | 3. Most courses have contradictory syllabi and incomprehsible assignments. Nobody in the faculty or admin cares enough about the courses or the students to bother writing literate, intelligible syllabi or assignments. | 4. My last class was taught by some affirmative action type who was ILLITERATE. The course syllabus was written by someone who was ILLITERATE–it turned out to be the Department Head! The Department Head was promoted to a Vice President–of a non-existent degree program! | 5. In that class one assignment was to comment on a ridiculous, racist video. Because I commented negatively about the racist video, the affirmative action type prof began STALKING me in the discussions, making illiterate and irrelevant posts after my posts. Complaining to the admin did no good whatsoever, and they actually joined in the attack. I had to drop the class, and successfully repeated it with a normal teacher. | 6. At the time they were accredited by DETC so I complained to DETC. So rather than conform to the high standards of DETC, APUS/AMU dropped their DETC accreditation! | 7. AFTER I was approved by the finance office to graduate, AFTER I graduated, and AFTER I received my diploma they decided I hadn’t paid enough and have begun withholding my transcripts. | If you are considering APUS/AMU you should reconsider. This place is a giant ripoff, and you may be the next victim. You may be half way through your program when they decide to drop it arbitrarily. If you don’t have the politically correct race or ethnicity you may be stalked and harassed by affirmative action faculty and admininstrators. AVOID this place at all costs. There are lots of better alternatives out there, so don’t risk finding that out the hard way. |

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