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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Standard Online at on 11-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Standard Online
  • Address: 1187 Coast Village Road Suite #1-555
  • City: Montecito
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-877-395-1296
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Standard Online published at on 11-May-15 says, verbatim –

This company is crooked no matter what angle you look at them. They are polite until you ask them a single question to verify their legitimacy (such as where they are located for verification purposes, or askihg them to verify a location of the ad they themselves posted). The only response they know to deal with investigative customers is to yell at them and hang up on them. They have a P.T. Barnum business model of a sucker born every minute. They do not care about repeat business. | Here’s what they do. They advertise an interesting deal for a home. You call, they tell you that you they have worked out deals with banks and property owners to help people get into rent to own homes. They use the words, “No credit check” to give the illusion that they actually get rent to own property for you without a credit check. What they do in reality is get you a list (at a $199.00 fee) of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures and in acquiring that list is what they don’t do a credit check on. | The list they provide is nothing but false information. The houses on the list are not foreclosure properties in any way. | They also lead you to believe that they will broker the deal to get a rent to own home and they give you a list of “tools” that they recommend to help you broker the deal on your own. The tools are actually only one tool: a very industrious letter that they suggest you mail out to addresses telling the property owner that you can help with their foreclosure and to contact another number on your behalf. They are very adamant that you mail the letter and not to call or show up in person at the property. | This is so when the property owner receives this letter and questions what the heck is going on, they’ll call the number on the letter, not you. When they call this number, someone tries to convince them to sell their home. This way, the buyer thinks the home was a foreclosure. What’s really happening is this company uses its customers to act as it unpaid sales force of home purchasing location and they pretend they’re doing all the work. | Make no mistake, this company is filthy, dirty. They use their length of being in business for a decade to show their legitimacy. So? Circuses, amusement parks, carnivals and all sorts of companies that use “sucker” approaches to taking people for their money have been around for more than a century. All a timeline does is verify they’re successful scammers. | When you call on an ad, they will give you a local number. This number works through the weekend and is intended to make sales. Their Website and the sales staff provide a customer service number, what they carefully withhold from you is that you must purchase their list to be able to use that customer service number. Think about that, you have to pay to contact their customer service department. | After learning I had been misled by Sarah (my representative), after learning that the product she said I would receive was not the product I actually received, I called for a refund. I spoke with Dave, Tyler, Brad, Bridgette and Olivia. All hung up on me within two questions of asking for a refund, for a supervisor, or for location and company legitimacy verifications. They did not even try to hide their attitude towards their unethical behavior. I say unethical, because they have learned every angle to make what they do legal and they know technically, no one can touch them. Brad, my favorite representative, was very proud of the fact that he knew it wasn’t illegal to hang up on a customer. Dave claimed he didn’t have to be a lawyer, but spouted law. Olivia opened her conversations with yelling. | You cannot win arguments speaking to these people. They know you won’t catch them. Tyler was nice enough to let me know this when I said I would send the authorities to his office if they didn’t offer a solution to my probem after fraudulently presenting their services. His response was “Yeah, and good luck with that.” | I have seen posts in complaint forums from people claiming to be American Standard employees who skirt the argument. Read these carefully, these demonstrate their ignorant attitude towards business ethics and understanding. One person claimed that the company can’t be responsible for what a representative says (actually, you are and legally they do bind you to promises they make, pretending they don’t doesn’t excuse you). They also try to claim that their agents will say anything for commission. Again this shows they lack the understanding and respect for promise of product. | I encourage everyone who has ever done business with this company to bombard the California DA and Amercan Standard phone lines with complaints until they are forced to comply with fair business practices. | For anyone interested, I will be more than happy to contribute to a class action lawsuit against this organization. They need to face consequences for their lack of judgment and poor business practices. |

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