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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Towing at on 18-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Towing
  • Address: 13680 – D Arnold Mill Rd
  • City: Roswell
  • State: Barbados
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 770-993-7217
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Towing published at on 18-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

This is about American Towing at 13680D Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock, GA 30188 | As many of you know, I was involved in an automobile accident on July 23rd, 2014 in Roswell, GA. The Roswell police called American Towing to tow my truck. The service was excellent. I even used them to tow my truck to a body shop 5 days after they towed it to their lot. Here’s the problem though. Three days after I paid my bill in full (within 5 days of the accident) they sent out a bill to Carrie (the registered owner of the truck- my fiance’), and to my deceased grandfather, the original owner of the truck. The truck has been in my mother’s name and Carrie’s name since my grandfather died. My mother already knew of the accident because of my posting it on Facebook the very day it happened. She called me to make sure I was okay and to tell me she knew I was upset about my grandfather’s truck. IN NO WAY WAS SHE DECEIVED THAT I HAD WRECKED HER DECEASED FATHER”S TRUCK! However, she was upset when she received a letter addressed to him for the tow bill. | The sight of his name on a bill greatly saddened her as it would anyone with the loss of someone so close. | I called American Towing. I was sitting outside on a patio with others around at a restaurant keeping my voice very low so not to disturb other patrons. I asked two questions very calmly when the owner’s wife answered the phone. 1) Why was the bill even sent when it was already paid. 2) Why was it sent to the original owner of the truck, my deceased grandfather, when it has had two owners since then? American Towing’s shouting response: “WE ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO SEND THAT LETTER TO THE REGISTERED OWNER OF THE TRUCK! WHO ARE YOU? LET ME PULL YOUR PAPERWORK!” My response: “I am William Kenney but the registered owner of the truck is Carrie Bennett. It is a 2001 Dodge Dakota- green.” American Towing in even a louder and nastier response; “CARRIE IS NOT THE REGISTERED OWNER OF THE TRUCK, THURSTON HERRING IS! IT SAYS IT PLAIN AS DAY! YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE CALLING ME!” | I just hung up the phone. Now, 4 days later I received a letter from American Towing. This is how it reads verbatim with my punctuation corrections so you can understand it! | “Mr. Kenney, | This is a copy of the info we get from GCIC (Government Central Info Database) As you can see, there is a registered owner for the tag AND one for the title. It was mailed to the person’s address that it is registered to. We are required by law to inform the owners. Just because YOU (not on legal info) tell us it’s your truck, does not mean the ACTUAL OWNERS know what has happened to their car. It is for THIS very reason we notify the owner. They DO have a right to know what happens to their cars. Now if the info below is NOT correct it is the owner’s responsibility to change the address NOT ours! There were only TWO letters mailed, one to each owner. YOU were not one of them. We did exactly what we were supposed to do. We also worked every way we could- you my friend are the one who was dishonest with your mother. We don’t change our policy to suit people being dishonest! | Thanks, | Sheila” (I think that’s her name) | So, not only has this piece of white dirt road trash received incorrect information, she has eluded that I have lied to my mother about wrecking the truck which isn’t even hers. As I stare at the title in Carrie Bennett’s name right now which has OUR address on it, I am about to blow a fuse! The truck has been out of my grandfather’s name for over 7 years! The states of Alabama and Georgia are really at fault here but this lady has really gone past the real issue to personally attack my character! Aside from calling the BBB and reporting her bad business ethics, what else should I do to make this woman realize she doesn’t always know everything?

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