American Transmission Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Transmission at on 11-Dec-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Transmission
  • Address: 6107 S Cooper St
  • City: Arlington
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8174683283
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Transmission published at on 11-Dec-14 says, verbatim –

ARE ALL PPL BAD…… here to warn the public of a company called AMERICAN TRANSMISSION in Arlington, on Cooper St. This company makes a living scamming people. It’s documented all of the internet and they are still in business. Why? | My sister brought her car there for a diagnosis test which she was told it was free. She was to bring the car in for a few hours and they’ll find the problem. A man named Darren Dilsaver called her to tell her they would have to open the transmission to locate the problem and it would cost $525. She agreed. Darren called her and told her the transmission was ruined and they could rebuild it for about $2100. She said ok. A few days later he called her to tell her it’s gonna be over $4000 to rebuild her transmission. She said she doesn’t have that type of money and to put the transmission back and she’ll come get the car. He told her they could finance her. | She said she wouldn’t qualify because her credit was bad. He told her it would be ok. He assured her he could get her financed, so she agreed. | She signed a paper for a financial company called Synchrony Financial. A few weeks later Darren told her she was approved. So they agreed that she can take her car pay them $1000, and $200 biweekly. (She has an invoice saying this). When he received the $1000, he said he needed that to start working on the car, which was suppose to be ready for pick up. She recieved an invoice, and on it said used transmission. They only talked about having the transmission rebuilt. (Which he said they would charge her more money to correct the mistake they made. She couldn’t afford that. So he got my money, he said it would be ready in a few days later. | After having her car for 5weeks, he called to tell her she didn’t qualify, and she could get the car until it was paid in full. And until then it’ll be a $25 a day charge for storage fees. She called the financial company and was told her application was never submitted. How can they knowingly cheat and lie to helpless? What I don’t understand is how he gave her a invoice with his worked on car, when on 11/29/14 the car wasnt fixed because they needed the money before they even started on the car. Thats the day I brought the $1000 and was suppose to get the car, and they hadn’t started workin on it. December 8th I received a call saying my car is ready. $880.84 for 9.84hrs of work. This is proof of a lie. Not to mention they received the car Nov, 10 . | Over a month they toyed with her. They knew she can’t afford to pay to get her car back. She called and pleaded with him, she hung up in her face. Now they are denying everything. I am asking you’ll to plz look into this company. There are so many stories worse than mine, on there reviews. She can’t afford to suit them, and the worst part is its Christmas time, her son’s birthday is Thursday, and they took her car and the little money she did have. Without her car she can’t get to work because of no public transportation in Arlington, and could possibly lose her apartment because she can’t work. There are many ppl that are willing to tell there story.

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