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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Truck Group, LLC at on 30-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Truck Group, LLC
  • Address: 877-661-1592 9140 Canal Road
  • City: Gulfport
  • State: Burundi
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 877-661-1592
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Truck Group, LLC published at on 30-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE YOU ARE GURANTEED TO GET SCREWED I AM A Former used car dealer and I know all the tricks! I seen this site the day I was on my way to pu a truck. Since I was a car dealer I know that sometimes even if you treat people right they still may complain about you although u try to make them happy or they don’t bother to read contract. I read the entire contaract AND confronted them about what I read online. I was compleley fine with the contract caus I know how it works and how to follow to the letter! But they are exactly how described online! Everything was fine until I left the lot…my brakes froze up in Minnesota and after paying $500 for road side service we found out that the air dryer was bypassed and set up to look like it was still connected. I tried to get them to at least honor the 50/50 warranty but Ralph the GM said that since I had a TIRE changed at another shop prior to this he says they could have bypassed the air dryer. I said are you crazy? They changed the tire and it had nothing to do with BRAKES! I couldn’t beleive it! My tire had exploded and cause the mud flap arm to puncture gas tank and so I filed claim for the insurance and they did cover the repairs but they refused to pay for the 85 gallons of fuel I lost, the lost days of work etc.Fortunatley I initialed the clause that I would pay an extra $3.95 per week so I didn’t have the $2500 deductaable but they had an attitude once they threw it in my face that I had $2500 deductaable and after realizing I didn’t have to pay it they said if its $1 less than $2500 I would have to pay ALL of it. So even though the repairs could have been $1300 my mechanic ran the bill up to $4k and he took care of me on back end. The worst was when I held back 3 payments to force them to refund the money I laid out before claim was approved. I sent cashiers check cause I didn’t want to have problems with getting repoed I sent text to see if they would cover the $40 to have it overniighted but they never responded. Art (aka FART) the payment collector called saying they wanted to pu truck so I spoke to Ralph and explained I know people say check is in the mail but if they didn’t receive it by that Monday that I would western union it until we found out what happened. He didn’t call that Monday but sent 2 goons to repo truck. I had $5k cash on me so Isaid your not taking truck cause I can give you cash now. Long story short I went and wired cash and gave repo guys $200 for their time and they left. I was at TA and they agreed to fix all repairs witch I though was to easy after all this time but 2 hours into it I see one of the goons looking through window and so I caught him and he said they called and wanted him to wait until payment confirmed and so I handed him the mtcn (although he was there when I paid) he then left and after the work was done I went inside TA to pay and come out and they are inside shop picking locks to repo truck!!! The TA guys had my back and forced them to leave and they actually let me out of garage without signing final bill so I could get out of there. Ralph calls on the phone and as soon as I heard his voice I just started going off cause Ihad paid and Icalled in MTCN so I was completely current (excluding plate fees witch I said I would also pay in full ) anyone who wants to see I will email copies of mtcn etc to see I’m telling the truth! They then said they would report stolen and they didn’t want to tell me why they still wanted to take truck although I still fronted the entire payment ANDcalled in confirmation. I was pissed cause I was under load and goons went back to wait for me to pu so after talking to my boss I decided it was enough and just let them take truck since Ihad applied and got approved fora 2010 international and payments were $1300 and payment on 08 Volvo was $574 per week witch I had gotten down from $850 per week witch they actually tried to get me to agree to! EVERYTHING on this site IS true and I am an ex car dealer andI still got screwed!, I’m leaving out ALOT of other things that I just couldn’t fit in here. Trust me DO NOT BUY FROM THEM THEY WILL FORCE U TO REGRET IT!! From the day I got the truck if payment was one day late they wanted to pu truck!! ART WEST is a b%#*! Ralph the GM is a smooth talking snake and you will be able to tell I’m not joking when you talk to him. I am not just a disgruntled client hat is just complaining cause I didn’t read contract etc they will fight not to honor it but expect you to! Jimmy Johnson my sales rep was awesome and helpfull as well as Tammy in compliance. They really were both supportive and seemed to want me to succeed so all was not completely negative.

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