American Truck Showrooms Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Truck Showrooms at on 25-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Truck Showrooms
  • Address: 9140 Canal Rd
  • City: Gulfport
  • State: Burundi
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8776611592
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Truck Showrooms published at on 25-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

I bought a truck from american showroom trucks on novemebr 2014, I tried to back out after I gave my deposit money for a truck I could no longer get, so instead I eneded up with another truck full of mechanical issues. I again tried to back out of signing the contrat when the sales manager had told their would be an extra $2400. dollors added to it for plates, when he had told e that the plates are included in this program they were offering. Well that was the start of my problem. Since I have had this truck it has been in the shop as much it has been on the road. After the truck had been in the shop for two weeks at the end of january and begining of febuary 2015, plus a week at the end of december 2014. I was pulled in for a DOT Inspection, I was given a sitation for the insterment panel that displayed the ABS lights for not working. So I called up the shop kinda kidding asking the shop manager if they removed the bulbs behind the panel, he stated that that was impossiable, and he was right. What the they did was dissembled the panel took the board out place black taped on inside of the panel and that wasn’t good so they broke the lightbulbs as well. While this truck had been in the shop about every other weekend since getting it and three solid weeks. The programs says it will waive the payments for it being the shop. Customer service Linda says defered the weekly payment. So I recieved a call from Linda saying I owe the remaing down payment and I was behind in payments, Much to my suprise, I argued that I wasn’t late on any payments, she then told me that they couldn’t defere my payments anymore for being in the shop. So I told Her that I would bring the truck back to the shop on that friday. I had a friend driving the truck for me, because I just got out of the hospital the day before this call. The next day the truck repeoed from me in San Antonio, TX. Which realy suprised me because an hour before I was on the phone whith her and all was confirmed the truck was to be braught back to arizona, I forgot to mention that I made a payment the previouse day to here and which they charged me a hundred dollars more, so I canceled the over pay. when I asked her the next day and to confirm that truck was going to the shop in mesa, arizona she told me that it was a late fee for something was never late with in the first place. So when the truck was repoed I asked her again what was the hundred dollors for she she told me that it was a ten percent fee to 824.00 wkly payment. So is is what they done to me and a whole lot more. I’m hopeing there is lawyer out there who would willing to take this case. This one is ieasy enough they have it right there in their contract and I recorded the phone conversations, supporting this. |

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