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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amerilawyer, Inc at on 02-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amerilawyer, Inc
  • Address: PO BOX 450605
  • City: Miami
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-305-854-6000
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Amerilawyer, Inc published at on 02-May-15 says, verbatim –

Never in my lifetime have I been so disgusted and appalled with the service or in this case, the shoddy service provided by a business. | As a client, over the course of multipe months, i’ve interacted with Claudia Fernandez, Senior Paralegal (my primary contact) and Kerry Baez, Customer Service Supervisor. | In mid-January, I’d placed an order to have a corporation reinstated. The docs they created for my signature were missing pertinent information I’d provided them. Specifically, info to correct a mistake on their original filing for me regarding ownership and a new address for the reinstated firm. I emailed Claudia Fernandez immediately, asking for corrected docs. | Her response was that the original filing done by her firm was correct and that the corporation was owned 50/50 by my wife and me. Proving otherwise, I submitted a photocopy of my official corporate docs, from them, showing the ownership was stated as 100% owned by me. | Having tried multiple times to get revised docs from her, I callled to speak with a Supervisor, which is how I connected with Kerry Baez. Apologizing for the inconvenience, he effected the submission of new docs from Claudia. Unfortunately, they still did not reflect the new address. | Upon finally recieving the correct docs, signing and returning them, I requested a confirmation of reciept and acknowledgement that all requirements had been met. I’d recieved no reply. Again I reached out to both Kerry & Cluadia via email and telephone – ultimately, over a dozen times… still nothing, until I’d asked Kerry for his supervisors contact info. | Finally, in March, two months after my first request I got an email saying a signature was still required. Two months wasted and lost. | My wife and I signed that doc, and sent it back… again, requesting confirmation of reciept and acknowledgement that all requirements had been met. | AGAIN… No Response! | It has now been six more weeks… and still no confirmation, no requested status update, no contact info for Kerry’s supervisor and no reinstatement of the corporation. | Yet, I do get email solicitations from Spiegel & Utrera/AmeriLawyer suggesting more work. Case in point, a recent notice of the pending expiration of General Counsel Club and Registered Service Agent. Great loss. | By the way… anyone reading this who has experienced similar issues, please comment with your contact info. I’m willing to explore this with a class action attorney. Hmmm, I wonder… does Spiegel & Utrera/AmeriLawyer handle class action litigation 😉 | As additional fuel for this fire: | – One response from Claudia references no earlier communication from me… I’ve documented 8. | – Although, Kerry is quick with apologies… he has ignored emails, voice messages and two requests for the contact information of his supervisor. | I’d no longer trust Spiegel & Utrera/AmeriLawyerto file for a dog license. |

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