Ameriplan Scam Work Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Ameriplan Scam Work at on 11-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Ameriplan Scam Work
  • Address: 5700 Democracy Drive
  • City: Plano
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 4692294500
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Ameriplan Scam Work published at on 11-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Ameriplan Corporation. Is this a Dictatorship? Beware! Unfair termination. Plano Texas | Ameriplan? Is this a Dictatorship? | Hello People. This is Brad. I used to be an Ameriplan Broker until I was recently unfairly TERMINATED. My direct up-line was under the so-called team names of the PROMISE TEAM, the team name used by Johnny Nordstrom and the 100K TEAM, the team name used by Roger Kaman. Both people and team names are quite unbelievable. The team names are actually an oxymoron, as you will see after you read more of the print in this newly posted website. I’m not sure if you are aware of the problems that may occur as a Broker within the Ameriplan Corporation or if you become a Broker for Ameriplan in the future. | Please don’t get me wrong. Ameriplan has a great product for what it is. And I will say it again FOR WHAT IT IS. It’s almost too good to be true. It will save your family lots of money. It is a great product. And I was proud to be involved, selling this product and I feel I would hope to always provide people with these types of very needed products and services. I know there are other companies out there with similar products whom carry, with honor, better morals in this great land we call America. It’s truly a shame, their are a few, possibly more or even probably lots of people and problems, within this could be great company, which have damaged this MLM icon. Here is the devastating story (all true, non-fiction) of what happened to me. | You see in February, earlier this year, I gave my life and soul to this company. I signed up with Ameriplan last year on September 30th under Johnny Nordstrom. It took me awhile to get all my other businesses in order and now I was ready to give 110% to Ameriplan. Most days I spent close to 18 hours working this program. I even paid over $350.00 for my future wife, Judy and I to attend their convention, this convention that Ameriplan and my up-line sponsors said Will be a life changing experience. Oh, it was life changing all right. What a joke! Ameriplan promises to deliver a dream to you. And that is exactly what it is. | I was living in a dream. All of these people are in a daze. They tell you that if you put 2 years of PART-TIME work into this business (approximately 10 hours a week). You (or the average person whom commits to this daze) will make over $100k in that short period. (As most of their’ phone scripts and other training seminars communicated to you) They tell you they don’t want you to quit your present jobs. But put $35.00 dollars a month (the money you struggle to make from your other job) into this dream. Buy very expensive leads from this company, Ameriplan or irritate every person you may know or NOT into buying into this dream or to purchase this product. | Let me back up just a moment, In December of last year Judy and I attended the last LIVE AMERIPLAN UNIVERSITY. I was told, by John Nordstrom (the day he solicited me) that Ameriplan University (AU) would be something we could attend as many times as we felt needed. Then to my surprise it was to be the last one to be live, as I found out, from the Ameriplan corporate offices when asking for a schedule of this training seminar. (Now they give out DVD’s when you sign up for one of their more expensive broker packages) And promised me, I would receive these disc to review anytime needed ASAP. | Since then I have called Ameriplan Broker Support several times, at least three to four times. They always quote the same, brain washed, answer I should have them within TWO weeks. To this date I have never received them or heard of any other plans as of when I will receive them. Also I was told by John Nordstrom, (it gets even better) the day I received his sales call, enticing me to become a broker for this unbelievable company, that just sounded GREAT! | I could work from either my home or even work the Corporate Offices here in Plano TX, a suburb of Dallas, TX, AND that if he lived in the Dallas area he’d be up there working everyday and that he’d have his very own office their at Ameriplan’s new $25 Million Corporate Headquarters, across the street from Ross Perot’s EDS, facility too. And receive all of the help needed daily from even the owners of this unbelievable company. (I guess John likes to mention this untrue, but still invaluable, option to make this opportunity even sound more enticing) | That day I showed up for my very own office, was a very embarrassing day. I was told by Kelly Roush, Jim Hardin’s secretary, whom I may add is a very nice and seems to be a very caring lady.. Brokers are not EVEN allowed in the Ameriplan Corporate Headquarters. This was another lie given to me that day I joined, but I was desperate and needed to believe in something, and I, as many people share in these trying times we have today, needed this opportunity to be my salvation. | You see John does not care about anyone or the rules. He, Roger Kaman and lots of the other brokers and Ameriplan change the rules, as they feel needed, in order to capture you into this dream. Everything we heard and made notes on, at the Ameriplan University class was a contradiction of the truth. For example, they tell you that this company cannot survive without members that you must sell their product and service. They also portray to you this great big caring family of love, leadership and unity for growth. As Judy and I heard this I thought to myself NOW THIS SOUNDS LIKE A REAL COMPANY THAT CARES ABOUT THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND ALL OF HUMANITY. All the other MLM companies I had visited in the past only wanted to sign brokers and cared very little about selling the product. | Please make notes of these figures. Take the $35.00 per month Broker Fee, the fee Ameriplan requires you to pay and multiply this by the approximated 60,000 brokers involved with Ameriplan. When I did this, the answer was staggering. The answer to my surprise is TWO MILLION, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS a month. | Take 1.5 million and multiply it by $15.00 (the average monies taking in from the current business Ameriplan members bring in from their dental plan alone, every month) that answer is TWENTY TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS A MONTH!!! They claim their new TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLAR headquarters building is completely paid for and that they are completely debt free. | At TWO MILLION ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH in just the $35.00 broker fees plus all the other charges they hit them with and no debt. Can they survive without selling product to their clients/members? Are their brokers actually their clients too? That’s some serious payroll. Is this great product they offer just a front? We were not led to believe so, until we discovered this Did you know that if you put all your money earned into leads to build YOUR TEAM for Ameriplan, strive to pay your bills and if your credit card, debit card or checking account you have attached to their billing office, comes up short when Ameriplan attempts to take their monthly fees from you You do not get paid any monies owed to you, at that time. Until you pay them their fees. And if you are owed any residual earnings/builders bonuses, etc., at that time, you never get paid them, EVER!!! | At least that’s what broker support told me the several times I called to find out where my check they owed to me was. Now Banking and Credit will tell you differently. Who the hell knows? Remember they can change the rules daily if they want to. (I guess if this is your only means of income, You have to rob a 7-11 to get them their $35.00 worth of fees so you can pay a telephone bill, to keep making cold calls for this great business opportunity or better yet feed your family) Well this to me does not sound anything like what we were led to believe. Where’s all that love, caring family, leadership and how can you grow? I wonder if this is one of those scams the State Board of Labor likes to hear about? | From what I’ve experienced in my last several months with this company while bankrupting myself and my future wife, again, most of the time working 18 hour days and doing everything I possibly could to keep my broker associates and help my down line in making a serious attempt to be successful in this company. (Buying expensive leads, bringing friends and family members into this organization while watching every bill I owed get stacked to the ceiling as my life swirled down the toilet). Just to have Ameriplan’s attorney, now that I’VE BEEN TERMINATED, TELL ME I CANNOT EVEN COMMUNICATE WITH THESE PEOPLE. These are my friends and family. Who the HELL do they think they are? | At this time our new home is under foreclosure and our cars are on the repo list. At the convention I was amazed at how many people stood up there on that stage, at the Ameriplan convention we attended in June of this year, 2004, and how they told their stories of how they had lost everything they had ever earned in their lives to this given opportunity. (DAZED RIGHT?) Just as I am sitting there watching and listening to these poor people a flash back popped into my mind that I had seen on the TV News commentary Date Line. | Quixtar? Is it a CULT? | In the story they portrayed about Quixtar (a subsidiary of Amway). Portraying this Dream and Promises of Wealth, Big Homes, Fancy Cars, Yachts and Motor Homes. Charging you for books and tapes for spiritual growth. And even worseAll about people losing their most valuable possessions and lives to this dream. | Date line asked if it was a brain washing or A CULT? | All kinds of questions started running through my mind at this site (or vision as they kept telling you to set into your mind) I was sitting here witnessing, possibly the same experience these other people had fallen too. Was this just the same type scam I had viewed given from Date Line on TV? I fought this off and out of my mind because I could not have fallen into this type of scam. I’m too smart or now I ask was I just too dazed? | About a couple of days go by after the convention and I’m searching through one of the local news papers (still caught up in this brain washed daze, vision or dream) for a part time job in the Sales Section, hoping to find something out there to get me out of these unbelievable financial problems I have created for my family. Because I had been so caught up in this dream I answered an ad by telephone and received a recorded message. I left my name and telephone numbers for them to contact me. | The next morning I received a call from a guy with another but new health plan business opportunity, he asked what types of sales experience I had etc. and I briefly told him my back ground and mentioned Ameriplan, He moved forward to tell me about another company that you can use in conjunction with Ameriplan’s MICKEY MOUSE PROGRAM.. I thought he was kidding and I actually took offence to this name calling of the company I had put my sole and life into for the past several months. | We’ll call him Joe Joe invites me to attend a seminar and to my disbelief about half the room was filled with other Ameriplan Brokers and three of these people are NSD’s (National Sales Directors) with Ameriplan. I don’t wish this pain and agony on them so we won’t mention any true identities. This health care business that is not MLM or Network Marketing that caters to a more extensive and more expensive plan available to fellow beings. People, It’s like saying Mc Donald’s is in competition with Ruth Chris Steak House. I’m talking disgusting so called hamburgers and comparing them to the most amazing appetizing steak in the world. | Hence the enforcement of the Ameriplan Policy and Procedure manual re. Sales Director Agreement contract states that you cannot cross recruit another Ameriplan broker with another NETWORK MARKETING PROGRAM. | Againthis health care company is not MLM OR NETWORK MARKETING. | I felt the tension of all the other Ameriplan brokers here at this seminar and felt I owed it to my fellow starving Ameriplan brokersI wanted to share this with all my down-line and when I stated to a few other brokers and my up-line of this opportunity that works very well in context with Ameriplan’s Dental Plan and it’s future Medical plan and is a plan you can sell nationwide and has over 600,000 physicians already in their physician network, as another opportunity to sell door to door along with Ameriplan. | For instance, just what if, Ameriplan’s program was not enough coverage and did not fit that certain prospects needs, then this company may very well work for them or what just if, this new health care system was too expensive for that prospect to afford, then Ameriplan would work great for themBetter than NO COVERAGE AT ALL!!! Correct? And it gives the opportunity while out knocking on Small Business Owners door’s, in 100 degree weather in Dallas TX summertime heat and at 100% humidity, at a heat index that would bring most people into heat exhaustion, to make a sale, being for either concept of business along with all the other products and services I have to offer any or every breathing human being | I was terminated without any contact from Ameriplan Corporation or asked to hear from me what was actually going on until about 10 days later when I received a registered letter from their attorney. An Attorney? What the hell do we need an attorney for? I was terminated for sharing this opportunity with other Ameriplan Brokers? This other company that is no threat to the Ameriplan business or it’s brokers. All I was doing was trying to keep my down line from starving their families within this clouded dream and bring to them another product to sell that is so far away from the Ameriplan program it is unreal in comparison. | My direct up line in Ameriplan filled the minds of the decision makers at Ameriplan with infatuated lies about what I was doing. Because they were angry with me, as I would not go along with them in a scam they wanted me to participate in. Now this was before the convention earlier this year, hell at the convention, to my surprise everyone in Ameriplan, Even the Bloom brothers, the owners, are doing this same against the rule action called STACKING and condoning it. | This scamming type of action they wanted me to participate in is stated in the Ameriplan Policy and Procedure Manual re: Sales Director Agreement, mutually signed by everyone with a Regional Sales Director (RSD) status and above. As being against all rules and regulations and is possibly a reason for termination of such position with Ameriplan Corporation. By the way that great manual and sales agreement that this company hides behind and uses to threaten the livelihood and injustice to Humanity of every person that ever signed it, also states Ameriplan can choose to change at any given time, if they want too. That Ameriplan does not even have to follow the same rules and bylaws written in their Policy and Procedure Manual. Is this a Dictatorship? Did Hitler say If you murder a fellow friend or foe we will hang you, but it is OK to go out and round up all the Jews and fry them to a crisp? | At this time, within the Ameriplan organization, with all the friction within this company from broken promises Ameriplan has portrayed and has, in my opinion and could or may be only my opinion, betrayed amongst their brokers This so called Major Medical program was to go Nationwide July 1 and triple the amounts of our said commissions and residuals of future earnings. | It was told to the people at the convention that it was to start out in TX and not even be offered to the other states until a much later but portrayed as to be an earlier date and that there was only four representative out signing up physicians in the whole US of A. You should have seen the smiles fall from every face in that very large room and I never saw the same amount of excitement again the rest of that miserable weekend. You could of heard a pin drop. | Well in my mind and many others minds at this new healthcare seminar I attended a few days later, Ameriplan can afford 100’s of these reps to be out there signing up physicians if they truly care about their broker’s (I want to be sure to show ownership here. I think Slavery is against the constitution. Heck I don’t knowI’m in a daze, right?) And the life of this business. Have all the owners and planners of Ameriplan made all the money they really need to make and or Are they just so ate up with GREED they just don’t care about the human lives they are destroying? Greed is one of the 7th deadly sins my friends and has leveled literally 1000’s of Empires throughout the history of the World. | Where does all of that Money they bring in go? Some one is getting very fat. Is this is the true answer. Is this company nothing but a front for a pyramid? I wonder if the media or some government officials would be interested in a few one-line emails from a lot of disgruntled past and present brokers from Ameriplan. | Someone that has a true concern about the people of this great nation, just may want to probe very high up Ameriplan’s bottom orifice and investigate it with a microscope and a fine toothcomb? Just to see if this company may be considered a Monster of front for an Illegal Pyramid scam? I just wonder what the FBI, IRS and the Treasury Department might find hiding in the closet amongst the skeletons of Ameriplan Corporation | Let me tell you something people there are only maybe approximately 35+ people in the whole 12 years Ameriplan has been in business that have achieved this $100k and plus a year status they want you to envision and burn into your skull. Do not fall for this or any other get rich scams. Beware they are lingering all over the internet and even in your grocery stores. Many other people as myself are so caught up in the dream that they are losing everything they own because the blinders are on so thick and tight. I’m literally out $1000’s of dollars and my time spent is worth more than they can ever pay. It sickens me to know what they practice daily and the lives they are destroying. This is some pretty scary stuff. To your success and your family’s health. | Brad Wylie, Texas | U.S.A.

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