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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amerisave Mortgage Corporation at on 07-Feb-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amerisave Mortgage Corporation
  • Address: 3350 Peachtree Rd, Suite 1000
  • City: Atlanta
  • State: Barbados
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 18887004026
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Amerisave Mortgage Corporation published at on 07-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

First let me disclose that they do offer the best rates for well qualifed applicants. But that is if thier gustapo underwriter cant find a way to reject your application and you can jump through all thier hoops and get by thier unrealistic expectations for documentation. They simply seem to want to find ways to reject your application. They need documentation for everything even the obvious and often multiple types of documentat to prove the same thing. They assume you are lieing on everything and make you prove you are not. They will sit on your application for days or weeks and then want a laundry list of obscure documentation “yesterday”, when they finally ask. If you dont give it to them immediatly they reject. If you try to explain why it does not exist, they reject. If you ask why the even need it, they reject. If you ask whey they are calculating ratios in ways that are contrary to fredie mac and fannie mae rules, they tell you your are wrong and reject. Kind of like dealing with a tyranical dictator rather than a client based company. They make the IRS seem kind and gentle. The problem seems to lie in their pricing. To offer such low pricing they evidently dont hire the most qualified employees, particuallary in the final underwriting arena. I am no rookie here. I was previsously a real estate agent and I have many rental properties and have closed over a dozen personal mortgage loans and have never been rejected in the past, untill I applied with Amerisave. I and have applied for a total of 6 loans with them over the three years. Yes I am a glutton for punishment but I guess I am cheap and I kept thinking the next one will be different. I have actually had 2 accepted and 4 (inlucing the most recent rejected). Of the 4 rejected, I simply paid cash for two. Does it seem odd that they will not accept a mortgage that you can pay cash for? Anyway, In none of these instances should I have been rejected. One was simply a case of being out of town and not being able to meet thier rigid requirement on turn around of thier request. One was because I could not produce an HOA statement for a house that was not in a subdivision with an HOA and one was for some other technical stuipidity that I dont recall. The last was because they just did not know how to calculate ratios. On two of them I had to eat the $500 appraisal cost, One of them was a reapplication for the same property that they agreed to use the same appraisal then wrongfully charged me for it when I had already paid. I had to argue but eventually go that back. The last one suprised me as they did not charge the appraisel fee becuase they rejected it before getting the appraisel. I guess that was because they just lost a class action lawsuit in December for just that type of bait and switch. This last one really set me off. Even though I was only out a small application fee, I was also out about 20 hours of my personal time trying to retrieve and submitt a barrell of documents. If I added my time for all 6 loans it is closer to 100 hours. I dont mind that if I am going to get the rates they advertise. But to go through all that work and only end up with nothing because of thier incompetence is more than irritating. I would much rather lose the $500 appraisal feed if I could have my 100 hours back. I say thier “incompetence” becuase they ask for a lot of things they dont need. They are evidently so overworked that they do not pay attention enought to your input and responseses. they are like dealing with a machine. Im my last applications thier calculations gave me an unacceptable loss ratio. I tried to inform them of 3 areas where they were not calculating it correctly and my ratios should actually have come out to less then half of the expense ration that is allowable. My ONLY monthly costs were the taxes, HOA and insurance on my primary residence. No car loan, no mortgage, no CC bills, NOTHING. They told me I was wrong and rejected. They included the car expenses I reported on my taxes, but would not consider my companies reimbursement allowance that covered those expenses, they in correctly calculated my rental income as a loss when it was actia;;u significant profit, they would not count my bonus unless my company would guarnatee that I will be working there for the next 3 years and get the same bonuses, even though I have been working for the same company for 35 years and I had a 10 year history of recieving them. What compnay is going to say they “guarantee” employment! I later researched and found that I was right in all three instances by specific freddie mac and fannie mae guidelines and even sent copies of that to them. Of course I recieved no response. I am over the whole discounted mortgage thing and will never apply with Amerisave again. If you want to gamble your time and money on the possiblity of “maybe” saving a few bucks, you go right ahead. For me it is just not worth it. Go with a real mortgage company. |

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