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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amico Private Office at on 06-Apr-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amico Private Office
  • Address: 53, Davies Street Mayfair
  • City: London
  • State: England
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Phone: 207 498 6783
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Amico Private Office published at on 06-Apr-15 says, verbatim –

They introduce themselve as aircraft owners interested in signing LOI contracts as lessors. To start up with, they act through other brokers, which lead the Due Diligence process on their behalf. They accept the Due Diligence get your money, but dont have any aircraft. In our case they pretended to be able to offer 3 units. Then they play the nice broker role, doing its best to find investors for aircrafts for you. When you want your money back (in our case US$75000), they argue their services are worth that money, due to the costs they have incurred. You never asked for their services, you asked for an aircraft which they never had, and then you dont have either the aircraft or the money you transfered as a deposit. They normally operate through Bank accounts in Switzerland. James Donald-Adkin said they didnt have money on their account, however their webpage claims Amico has advices multimillionaire deals worldwide. They also change headquarter address in London and other UK cities regularly. They jump from business to business centers. | This scam was carried out by James Donald Adkin and a guy called Mark Davies. Several companies were involved in the scam. However we cannot be sure wether intermediates were aware of what was going on. However another company called Mena Jet Services, represented by Mark Davies, is fully aware and involved in the scam. (VIA is our company) | 1. 28 March 2014: A320 MSN414 was being commercialized by Savfin. VIA sent Savfin a checklist where apart from corporate information, VIA clearly stated its deal purpose was a dry lease over a period of 3 years. | 2. 3 April 2014: James Donald-Adkin (on behalf of APW) signed as lessor an LOI for an operating dry lease on the Aircraft A320 MSN414. The aircraft should be delivered as of 15 May, although the LOI considered an aceptable delay of 30 days, i.e. 15 June. | VIA was informed that such plane was under maintenance protocol in Montpellier (France). Shortly, the aircraft would be available for VIA inspection (Due Diligence). | According to the LOI, VIA transferred a first deposit amounting to USD75.000, to a swiss bank account belonging to APW. | 3. 10 April 2014: Guy Minnis (Commercial Director for Nimbus Aviation Lease Management), on behalf of APW, carries out a Due Diligence on VIA. It took place in VIA’s offices. Due Diligence was satisfactorily passed by VIA. | 4. Access to A320MSN414 delays considerably. VIA investigates the plane and finds out it is being operating in Iran. It is not being maintained in Montpellier. Based on this evidence a meeting is held in Istanbul between VIA and Mark Davis. | Alternatively, several aircrafts were offered by Mark Davis (on APW behalf). An aircraft based in Rome A320MSN999 was chosen among diferent ones. An immediate inspection was promissed. | 5. 30 April 2014: A new LOI was signed, with very similar terms to the previous one. Delivery date was due 20 May 2014, also considering 30 days of acceptable arrears (20 June). VIA proceeds with the transfer of the second deposit (USD25.000). | 6. 3 May 2014: Based on a draft contract provided by Mark Davis, VIA answers with its comments in order to close the lease agreement asap. Until now, no reply was provided by Amico or any of its representatives, and the aircraft could not ever be inspected. | 7. A third try is made: This time an aircraft based in Montpellier A320MSN400, managed and maintained by JMV Aviation. This aircraft could be inspected by VIA on May 18 2014, and a final agreement was to be reached to substitute the MSN999 subject to the provision of the adequate documentation, which has never taken place. Meanwhile, MSN400 should be delivered between 15-20 June, which didnt happen. | 8. Dry lease was never subject either to VIA or APW raising additional funds. A purchase/lease back or any similar deal other than a convencional Dry Lease, was never considered, where APW acted as a legitimate owner of the A320s. | 9. 25 June 2014: After several termination letters starting as of 17 June, with short grace periods, VIA communicates a definitive termination as of 25 June. | 10. 1 July 2014: APW presents the following proposal: Purchase ans Lease back on MSN400 where APW acts as a mere broker on behalf of VIA, who never empowered APW. The deal encloses a Dutch lessor, which would buy the plane to VIA for USD1,7MM less than VIA’s acquisition price. | 11. VIA claimed its money back, which should have been transfered as of 25 July. In the end of 2014, they transfered back 25000 retaining the remaining 75000, due to the costs incurred in doing a service, they were not contracted for. |

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