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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amigo's Tires & Wheels at on 21-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amigo's Tires & Wheels
  • Address: 2401 W Vine St
  • City: Kissimmee
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 407-935-0022
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Amigo's Tires & Wheels published at on 21-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Raymond the owner of Amigo Tires sells new and used tires and i noticed he was selling a car on his lot so i stopped by to inquire about the car during mid January 2015. He told me the car was 2002 Ford Tarsus and was in good working condition and that he purchased from an elderly lady who hadnt used it that much but he had put some work into and replacing the engine. He was asking for $1300 in cash to surrender title. I told him i ddint have the money that day but was interested and would come back to give a deposit to secure the car. | Within the week i was able to biing him a money order for $500. and he said he would again release once i had the full amount. I asked him to take ride in it and check it out and he agreed. The car appeared to be fine the day i drove it around the block for a few minutes but i told him i would have someone else come again to check it out. | The next month i was able to get the remainder of the money but before i had someone take a look at the car and asked Raymond about the car again and he said all was well and the car was in working condition. We rested the car again and it ran well and so I then decided to pay him and get the title. I told him i also checked the kelley blue book value for the car in good condition and he was overcharging me.. | The title was not even in his name it was in a man’s name who live out of town and i was leary but he said that it would be fine i should not have any problems getting it transferred. I left telling him that I would come back if i had any problems with that title. | So the next day after I was getting the title to the car it was late and both of the headlights ddnt come on. Well I thought it was the bulbs that needed replacing so i went to the Auto shop to have them check it out and they found it to be more that just bulbs being needing to be replaced. They suggested it be the signal switch needing to be replaced or something elecctrical. For either of the two parts would range from $110- 150 for parts if that was the problem. | As soon as I left there I went to Amigos where Raymond works to tell him and his response i dont know i dont know. He kinda shy away fron the conversation and I said you knew that the headlights were not working when i bought the car. You knew because it was electical that was an issuse. I told him again and he said go have this guy who has worked for him before to look at it and i told him that i still will have to pay for the part and labor and he said i know….. I left ticked. | I thought i would trust a small business man who deccieved me by saying he was the original owner of the vehicle and then possibly knowing that there were electrical problems with the car from the begininning. He gives a sense of because of who folks are he can and will get over who he can and will at all time at his place of business. | Now almost a week has gone and i have not found this guy until one day i stopped by the shop he was supposed to be working at and i pull up |

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