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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AMSCOT at on 10-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: AMSCOT
  • Address: 600 N WestShore Blvd.
  • City: Tampa
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-800-333-6130
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AMSCOT published at on 10-May-14 says, verbatim –

This is to report what amscot and there “customer Service” did to me and my wife. We went to Amscot to get a so called Free Money Order. we asked for it Blank as it was to give to our lawer for goverment issue paperwork. there were 3 money order one for $1000 one for $420 and one for $70. as it is normal they asked for ID and everything. getting out of the amscot like 15 mins later my wifes purse Get Stolen with the money orders inside plus the stubs. as it is natural we went back to amscot to try to cancel the Money orders. the lady asked for our stubs, we explaines what just hapened and that we want to do it as quickly as possible as to not lose that money. they tell us that without the stubs there is nothing they can do due to confidenciality. we point out that they had my wife’s id in there system but they refused to do anything with out the stubs. we waited a couple of days and called the money order line and explained the issue and said we needed to find out if the money was cashed. they refused to give us any info and the lady told us that we should just forget about the money as it was almost for sure cashed if it was blank. i let her know it is alot of money that we have been saving up and we are trying to do our best to get it back. i ask her what happens if no one cashes it after a certain amount of time and she tells me the money will go to the state of Florida. i ask if there is any proof that this money will go to the staet of florida and she repeats the same line over and over that they are obliged by state confidentiality law. I find it very irritating that in a situation like a mugging that we cannont control we have lost so much money just because AMSCOT refuses to cancel the money order or put a stop on it just because we do not have the stubs that were stolen. I am going to keep fighting as hard as possible for this injustice and if anyone has any ideas or previous experience with something like this i would gladly like to hear from you guys. my next step is to file a report with the right departmet for consumer protection and if not a law suit. all of this going by that they have my wife’s id and everything else they need to look for the money order they just refuse to do it which i find weird. |

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