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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AMSCOT at on 20-Apr-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: AMSCOT
  • Address: 600 N WestShore Blvd.
  • City: Tampa
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-800-333-6130
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AMSCOT published at on 20-Apr-15 says, verbatim –

I’ve been using Amscot to cash checks since I had my first job at Dairy Queen at age 16, because I trust banks about as much as an undocumented immigrant who lived through the Great Depression does. It is fast, the staff is helpful and normally polite, and their services are reasonably priced. I will no longer being doing so, thanks to the staff at this location. | I received a bonus from my job at the end of 2014 for several thousand dollars. As a result, I didn’t cash my normal paycheck for the end of December right away. In fact, I waited exactly 4 months to attempt to cash it. I entered this location at about 11:30 PM about a week ago and stood by as the person working the window made some phone calls to verify that the check was still valid and had no holds or anything like that. The employee that assisted me explained that since my payroll department wasn’t open, she couldn’t verify the check and was unable to cash it as a result, and invited me to come back during business hours. It made a lot of sense to me and wasn’t really a big deal, it’s not like I needed it immediately. | Fast forward to 1 PM the following day. I enter this location again, to attempt to cash the check. I hand it to a young girl behind the thick, bulletproof glass, and explained why it took so long to cash the check. I was told they needed to verify that the check was real/good, and that they had to make a call or two. Okay, fine. Amscot doesn’t want to get scammed. Nobody does. | As the girl began making the call to the ADP number listed on my check, she pointed to the middle number on the bottom of my check and asked an elderly staff member if that was the account number. He said yes. Right then and there I knew there was going to be an issue. Presumably, someone who works at a check cashing shop knows the anatomy of a check. Well, here are two that don’t. I told them that the number on the right was the account number and that it’s also listed more clearly in the top right corner of the check. I was met with a blank stare, and the girl continued her attempt to verify my check through ADP’s automated line. | Approximately 10 minutes later, she tells me she couldn’t verify the check. I asked whether it was because the automated line said it was not valid, or if she simply couldn’t figure out the automated line. | “I don’t know.” was her reply. | From the parking lot, I called ADP and tried to get through to a live person to help me figure out what the problem with my check might be. I eventually succeeded in getting through to their line that is meant to help clients (such as the company I work for. I am not the client, I am merely the employee of a client.) Although the line wasn’t meant for people like myself, I was able to convince the rep to help me. I provided all my information to him, and he said the check was valid and there’s absolutely no problem with it. | Strange. So I call the automated line myself, and was able to get it to confirm that the check was issued and valid. I walk back into Amscot and the girl who “helped” me was no longer there, replaced by a guy who was dressed differently, named “Ian.” I surmised that he was likely the manager on duty and figured that’d be conducive to helping me get the hell out of there faster. In reality, he was conducive only to helping me realize there must not be any sort of written test required for career advancement at Amscot. | I handed him my check and described my previous two attempts to get it cashed, and told him that I confirmed that the check was indeed good, and told him to call the number on the check as I was able to verify it with that method. So he picks up the phone. I watch his fingers as he is using the system and see that he’s neglecting to hit the pound button after entering the account number. I explain that he needs to hit pound, just as the automated line makes VERY clear several times. I get no response. Eventually he hangs up and tells me he can’t verify the check. I explain to him to hit pound, and ask him to try again. He does so. As he is entering the account number, he’s also chatting with the old guy behind the window and again neglects to hit pound. So I reminded him to do so. Hitting pound is required after every single piece of information the line requires you to enter for verification. | Now that he understands these extremely easy instructions, I can see he’s finally having success in getting through the process, as I watch his fingers. He gets to the final part wherein he has to enter the first three letters of my last name, and doesn’t hit pound, distracted by his side conversation. I again remind him to hit pound, and he gives me an acknowledging nod, but still doesn’t hit it. He hangs up the phone and told me he couldn’t verify the check. | I tell him he didn’t hit pound for the last part, and ask him to call yet again. Finally he gets through and verifies the check is valid and issued. It was frustrating and time consuming, but Amscot would finally be able to wrap this one up! Right? |

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