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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amway at on 25-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amway
  • Address: 7575 Fulton Street East
  • City: Ada Township
  • State: Bulgaria
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8005483878
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Amway published at on 25-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

Hello everyone, my name is Bart, I’m 19 years old and this is my Amway experience. | It all started when I was hanging out with my good friend and he mentioned that his cousin asked if it would be alright if I met with him to try some of his products and that he also had a “”job”” for me. Seeing no harm, I agreed and the next day I headed to my friend’s house where his cousin was. We exchanged names and handshakes and then we proceeded to sit down at a diner table to talk. Now, before I go on, my close friend didn’t know what his cousin was going to show us so we were both basically fresh to this presentation. After some small talk, the cousin (we’ll call him Sam) began to dive into the STP (Showing the Plan). At the time, what he wrote on paper seemed interesting, talking about the potential income and whatnot. He also presented and handed us products to try which was XS energy drink and some vitamin supplements. He also gave me some more information about the company he worked with. After he left and once my friend and I left to go do whatever, I tried the XS and energy bar and thought they weren’t bad but I really didn’t take too much into consideration on what Sam told me about the business itself. I did however, keep in mind that he said by joining the business I could start by making 200-500 dollars a month and that he was going to call me in a week or so. So a week later he calls me and asks if I can attend an upcoming meeting and if I have any business attire. I went to the meeting and thought it was very interesting and I gotta admit, I was pretty excited and I wanted to join. | Well, to make a long story shorter…I joined the business, brought in like 5 close friends, attended many meetings, met other people in my uplines business, attended a major function, and even bought products. My start up cost was 140 dollars. That money, I was told was to pay for my start up kit and for my 4 websites. Only maybe 2 close friends actually signed on the business with the full 140, the rest did 60 to mainly get the websites. Oh and remember my friend I mentioned earlier, the cousin of my upline and sponsor? Well, he also signed on with me as my upline since he signed up first. None of my friends including me have made any actual money since we’ve been in the business. Sure I’ve received checks: 1 for 6 dollars, another for 38 dollars and the last for 50 dollars, but that money still doesn’t exceed even my start up cost. Plus it was basically forced so that I would go on to the next bracket, I didn’t do anything my upline just bought a bunch of random crap. To be honest my friends also haven’t really done anything either except my one friend Neill who was ocassionally selling some products to his mom. And basically not really seeing any money from that anyway, he was probably getting 10-20 dollars for selling like 200+ dollars worth of Amway garbage. | The point behind my story is, whether or not Amway is legit, it’s still a waste of time, money and it’s a good way to alienate your friends and family. How bullsh*t is it to receive 7 dollars for slaving at the bottom of the pyramid while pushing 250-300 dollars worth of products. The only people who make any actual money or get rich off of it are the ones who do it by lying, stealing and selling all those motivational bullcrap to people. They’re not rich from Amway, they’re rich from BWW, the training and support system of Amway. Sure it’s good to be motivated, postive and open minded in anything you do including business but their money is just blood money sucked dry from the people at the bottom who do the work and see little to none of the results. I’m too moral to get rich doing something that evil to good, honest people. | Now, my close friends and I don’t even bother with the business anymore, we all just basically make fun of and talk sh*t about it. my sponsor Sam rarely talks to me, ocassionally he’ll text me and try to get me to go to a meeting or an expo which I would gladly go just to have a good laugh. I also gave him my old laptop a while back because it had problems with it and he said he would have his dad take a look at and he has still not returned it. He’s probably going to try and keep it as collateral for me owing him money for CD’s, books, the function I went to and other Amway bullsh*t but f*k him. I owe him nothing for the simple fact that he lied to me saying that I would make all this money and that he would do all the work, all I needed to do was provide him prospects, which I sadly did. Another thing too is he asks me or anyone if I have a job which he only asks because then we would have money to spend on Amway products, get the f*** outta here. He’s also stacking people I don’t know in my leg which he himself said was illegal, wow he’s really desperate. I know he doesn’t make any money doing the business, he’s been in it for years and he’s so blind and in denial. | Other things to keep in mind: | The regular weekly meetings held at hotels by Amway are the same exact things every week only done by someone different. (Great, 6 dollars a week to hear the same shit) | Even if you see a check from Amway, how do you know that you’re making money, you still have expenses too (Driving, samples, CD’s, books, functions, meetings, etc etc etc.) | Diamonds don’t actually make 250,000 a year, I know this because I’ve been in my upline Diamonds home many times and he doesn’t have anything in his house someone making a quarter of a million would have. Even if you were saving money you would still have enough to buy yourself some nice things with that much money. The only thing he has is a Lexus which probably at best cost 30,000 dollars which isn’t anything. | IBOs when at the time of recruiting lie to prospects and don’t even mention the name Amway (What are they ashamed of?) | You can see the frustration, anguish and sleepiness in downlines and crosslines eyes and you know that they work hard but see no results. | Amway products are overpriced and the wholesale discount you receive when you sign up isn’t wholesale, it’s more like 10% off which is still overpriced | Yea sure Amway is partners with many legit companies and stores but that doesn’t give you legitamite credit, what do they care if you’re exposed for your fraud, it still won’t hurt their sales no matter what happens to you Amway. | All in all, if a stranger comes up to you and says you look familiar and tells you they work in eCommerce, run quickly. Amway is just a waste of time and money and it only leads to heartache, an empty pocket and lost friends. Even if you do get rich off this scam, you’re no better than Bernie Madoff and that’s just not worth it. | P.S. Amway CD’s and books are fun to destroy and they go great flying out the window of your car. LULZ! | “”They come here for worship, but the only thing these people are worshipping is the almighty dollar, Chris Hanson reports.”” |

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