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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amy Delsanter at


Business Details –

  • Name: Amy Delsanter
  • Address:
  • City: Houston
  • State: TX
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Amy Delsanter published at says, verbatim –


“Amy Delsanter”is NOT a good person as all her fake profiles and make believe FAKE friends claim that she is and will try to make you believe she is!! A quick search on google and mylife will give you a little look into the life of pure evil!In fact, It’s very much the exact opposite!There isn’t ONE person on this planet that will honestly say they like her “Amy Delsanter”or that she isn’t a true psychopath or the TRUE spawn of Satan!We have spoke to so many acquaintances of her’s and everyone says the same things about her…it’s so sad that she try’s to front that she’s anything more than a low life half breed living on the wrong side of the tracks.One quick look at her and you can tell just about everything you need to know…“AMY DELSANTER owner of “Amy’s Pup Hut” is a bottom feeder ,bucket crab. Cyberstalking Bully that is an admitted Devil worshipper that preys on people she is jealous of….she likes to play the victim when anything written about her is after she trashed them.“AMY DALE DELSANTER” has always had signs of this behavior her entire life, when she is jealous of someone she turns obsessive, it will go on for years and years. “AMY DALE DELSANTER “ will attack others looks and appearances on the internet and discredit them, it’s never in person and she does it over and over to try and convince herself because nobody else even cares!!!LMAO…she is also a true recluse and never leaves her home except to feed dogs and clean up dog shit! Her Thomas told their friend recently all she does is smoke weed and stalk people deep into the night and scream and cry that they are attacking her. Thomas said he wants out of the marriage but didn’t want to leave her abandoned, her abandonment issues run deep!! ??She spends her entire life on the internet stalking, writing and pretending she was the people she’s jealous of, driving herself MAD each day slipping deeper and deeper into a black hole of self hate. AMY DELSANTER has always had self destructive tendencies from day one her brother in law told us privately.The Delsanter family is so embarrassed and mortified of her behavior after we let them all know what kinds of things she’s been doing on the internet for years and years. They had no idea she was a burglar a prostitute and a street person at one time, drug dealer and abuser..“Amy Delsanter” own parents didn’t even want her!!!  Imagine that? They immediately gave her away as soon as they saw her, and her mother was addicted to drugs when she born.Also, God never blessed her with a child, God saw the evilness from the beginning and didn’t want a child to suffer with something so incredibly evil!SHE And Thomas are  now totally broke joke on welfare, she has absolutely nothing going for her and never has, never even been to college , she only has a 10 grade education and only known a life of crime and thief even though a WHITE  family adopted her tried to give her better, she even lies that she has a brother, it’s so sad that she can’t be honest even about her own adopted family… Her mother died and went out of this world with such disappointment from their adopted child…I really feel sorry for that woman.She had all the opportunities in life but at  50 years old she’s just a big fat porch monkey, loser with jacked up teeth and African American hair she’s not proud of….and even that part of her she desperately try’s to hide!”She absolutely HATES herself and hates anyone that is of white privilege.Amy Delsanter” hates herself far more than the world dislikes her, she looks in the mirror everyday with disgust and hatered in her heart, everyone in the world has either used her or thrown her away.The feeling of abandonment over comes her heart and all she sees is a half black trash dumpster child that nobody ever wanted.The only person that wanted her was a woman that couldn’t have a child of her own and settled for a dirty Nigglet that ruined their life!!Hey biological FATHER was a nasty BLACK PIMP, and her biological Mother was a HIV infected white prostetutttte!They left her as a under the 1-45 bridge allegedly so she has spent her aldult life trying to find answers to why she was unwanted and thrown away and NOBODY has ever wanted her!She hates herself and the way she looks, she knows she huge like a whale yet she try’s to squeeze herself in small sizes…she knows the whites have never excepted her and the blacks didn’t want her either, she’s evil to the core and is known worships satan, that’s where the evil comes in!Being around her 5 minutes you can feel the evil!!!Her adopted Mother would say to relatives” she was the biggest mistake of their lives, she stole from them, ran away, quit school to become a prostittte she was like her white trash HIV infected mother and they found Amy living under a bridge at 15 with a pimp and addicted to meth and heroin.”April a good friend of ours allegedly said she had  infected scabs all over her face and body and would eat out of trash cans!“AMY DELSANTER” is a pathological liar, Fake AF, STALKER, uneducated high school dropout that cleans up dog shit for a living, that is super sad….Not A FRIEND in this world and now losing her business because allegedly steals her customers credit card numbers from “AMY’s PUP HUT”,customers.Many customers have written many websites about her Thief and the way she treated their dogs! Just google Amy’s Pup Hut!She owes back taxes and was recently turned into the IRS for trying to scam the government and her ex con husband too! Her ex con Husband Thomas Delsanter went to Prison for over 10 years for a drug charge and now has guns in his home which are not allowed if you are an Ex CON and also sells drugs! There is so much drug activity in and out of the tiny shack they live in, people report them on a daily basis now. The neighbors of the low class neighborhood of Beverly Place call constantly on them!They have been known to also sell to teenagers.. Rob Nixon said he and his buddy who died recently bought marijuana from Thomas and Amy and he thinks that contributed to the car wreck they were in.Her dream home was a wood shack in nigger town after her mother left her a small amount of money and her dream man was 5”5 toothless wigger that was just realeased from prison!They are both drug dealers and robbed Vivian’ home back in 2013 and now its under investigation.“Amy Delsanter” just recently catfished a man on Facebook named Johnny Angel pretending to be his girlfriend in the military to catfish him for money! SHE IS SO POOR but claims she’s moving to a million dollar home on Lake Conroe!!Bwhahahahaha they couldn’t even afford a chandelier in that home much less ever live in a classy area of town as Lake Conroe, they don’t let coons live there or nigger lovers that take photos with gang signs! Total low class and scum!They are living exactly where they belong in nigger town in a little wood shack that’s absolutely laughable!SHE IS FAKE AF. Her friends are all FAKE, she lies about EVERYTHING, she hates that she’s half black more than anything and try’s to his her 4 inches of nappy Brillo pad hair that pokes through the top of her head with big huge bows!! It’s hysterically funny and hard to WATCH THAT FAT TRAIN WRECK!!!I’m starting to feel sorry for this lost, scared, unwanted orphan! Wow!! Imagine having to live her life and know that’s the best you will ever be!!!


Amy Delsanter

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