Andrew Blackman, GoInPeace3, TurtleSoup1,, Apollo-X, TopBossMan, Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Andrew Blackman, GoInPeace3, TurtleSoup1,, Apollo-X, TopBossMan, at on 19-Dec-14.


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  • Name: Andrew Blackman, GoInPeace3, TurtleSoup1,, Apollo-X, TopBossMan,
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  • Country: United States
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Original Complaint against Andrew Blackman, GoInPeace3, TurtleSoup1,, Apollo-X, TopBossMan, published at on 19-Dec-14 says, verbatim –

Andrew is a 60 year old Jewish balding CPA who lives in NJ but who sees a lot of escorts in NYC and NJ. He likes to be called "Andy" but his real name is Andrew B. Blackman. He sometimes states that he is from Las Vegas and that he has an actor management group, which is a lie. He’s notoriously known for being a haggler, shorting ladies, standing up dates, impersonating LE, talking about a providers service in details to the point of creepiness and suspicion. Guy is a total perv and a scammer. He also wears a hat and smokes pot during sessions. He manipulates escort reviews on TER and harasses women online. If an escort rejects his criminal demands for free or unreasonable sex, he downgrades the escort's rating, writes fraudulent lies on boards (public and reviewers only board), or removes profiles on TER by creating lies and contacting moderators and other hobbyists and/or escorts to influence them to take his side. He enjoys exposing what he considers are "frauds" in the business. Most often than not, the "fraudulent actions" he exposes are totally fabricated by him and he appears to believe his own lies. It`s a shame such a grown man has nothing better to do with his time but bother people. He clearly doesn't have any real friends and his life revolves around TheEroticreview. He pretends to be friends with escorts, agencies or fellow hobbysts. He will often call escorts and agencies on the phone and pretend to be friends with them only to get information that he can later utilize to ruin the same people he pretends to be friends with. There are many reports online about him shorting women of $ and NCNS. His hatred for women is prevalent as he is well known on escort sites for talking badly about escorts. He is overbearing, gross and totally unattractive, falls asleep during sessions and he is the WORST client ever. It is unfortunate that anyone has to experience him. Hopefully others will be able to stay clear from this monster. Many people say he actually works for LE or does money laundering for people in the industry. How else could a CPA afford seeing 1000$/hour escorts at least 10 times a month? That's a 10k habit per month at the very least. You can see a photo here:

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