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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ANDRZEJ SULIKOWSKI at on 09-Feb-15.


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Original Complaint against ANDRZEJ SULIKOWSKI published at on 09-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

Andrzej Sulikowski is a member of the auction site in Poland. He has 2 houses. one is in Kleve Germany, the other is in Poland. He travels between both locations for work purposes. He also works as a coffee machine repair and service person for Miele and Jura appliances in Poland. His dialect leads me to believe he is of Polish back ground. | The Item | He had a set of ReVox Symbol B speakers listed on Allegro in late october 2014 and wanted 5099 Zloti for them. Thats about 1300USD. I registered with Allegro and placed a bid on them. The listing ended and he cancelled my bid. Probably because he did not want to sell them for the low bid. | I emailed him directly and asked why. He told me he would take only so much for them. He seemed legit on Allegro, and he provided a good bank account with the POSTBANK system in Germany. I called the bank and he was in fact a real legit person. | The Negotiation | We came up with a price that included some itinerary, packing and shipping and handling to me in Canada. The total came in at 2350 Euros, and thats about 2800 USD. I then went to my bank and sent him the wire. Everything appeared fine. He was showing me progress of his packing and even made a youtube video to show me. It all seemed pretty safe. Then things started to go awry. When I asked him to pack the corners a bit better he kind of lost his cool about it. Finaly he agreed to beef up the corners but asked me if he could get back to it as we were so close to Christmas and this was his busy time of year. As we all understand that, I was compassionate to this and said that we could resume just after New Year. | THE BIG MISTAKE! | I still have no clue as to what went wrong but this guy became very difficult to get in contact with and when I finally got his attention from using various web applications, He told me that the speakers were in Germany, Packed in his garage and ready to go and that he was stuck in Poland to do work and could only return on the 24th of January 2015. When he did finally return, he was a complete jerk with me. He wouldnt respond to my emails or phone calls. He would hang up when I would use annonymous calling, and even with various emails I got no response. I think all the extra time I gave him made him think of how he could get away with my money. Even though it was all above the table and that he was not some offshore oil rigger scamming the elderly, he managed to fool me pretty good. I thought I was not an easy target. | The Next Step | The German Police told me he would be wise to refund me because when I come looking for my money, it can cost him a lot of time and money just to dick around in court. Let alone if I will ever see my 2350 Euros or the speakers. After this escapade, I would prefer to see my 2350 euros eaten up in lwyers fees rather than be in his pocket, Naturally I would want it back but The way the system works, It may not even be worth my while. Im on a pension. Why I did this purchase has to do with my wants versus my needs. | The lesson | Even a legitament seller can rip you off if you do a direct wire transfer. You can have all the emails in the world where the perp admits to taking your money and not giviong it back and all this means nothing to the Police. They are only concerned with the Crime issue, and nothing more. Do NOT ever buy anything from any seller UNLESS they take credit cards, paypal and have legitamently sold you the item through the auction site whereas you have the best protection. | The Moral | Even someone who seems fully legit, speaks good, seems highly moral can be the biggest crook going. As for me, If I can find anyone out there who will help me get my money back, that would be great. Meanwhile, I will keep plugging away at this until I am entirely out of honest and legal options.

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