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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Angie's List, LLC at on 03-Dec-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Angie's List, LLC
  • Address: 1030 E Washington Street
  • City: Indianapolis
  • State: Bermuda
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (317) 297-5478
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Angie's List, LLC published at on 03-Dec-14 says, verbatim –

After months of their representitives contacting me to advertise my pest control services on their website, I decided to use their services even though I told the girl that I know it wasnt going to be a match for my company. I do the seo for my website and I know how advertising works on these types of websites. | The girl was sweet as could be when I gave her the ok, but after the first day and getting 2 negatives because of rediculous circumstances. I tried to cancel my service and when I did, thats when she started getting mad at me because I wanted to cancel. Once I saw she was pissed and becoming unprofessional, I requested another rep. Mathew Morris then became my account manager. (Retentions Supervisor), I believe they call him. | He then began to tell me that I needed to create a storefront with some discounts to attract customers to my account. I explained I am in a niche market and I refuse to devalue my services. They told me thats how the system works. I simply wanted them to place my company in areas that i paid for (certain zip codes). I asked them how anyone would ever see my company if I have no reviews and my competition had 300 reviews. Why would they come to me rather than a trusted source on Angies LIst. They explained that we are creating a store front with valuable paes control deals. I told them again, I do not want to advertise discounted services as it devalues my services. I am not looking for a discount service. | | Upon my refusal to devalue my services, things continued to deteriorate. After 3.5 months of paying 125.00 monthly, I realized that my money was going to waste, as I expected when I spoke to the original salesperson. I now want to complain about the service (or lack of) and I am told that I would have to pay 398.00 to cancel the service. They debited my business account after I instructed them not to do, then they hit my account again for another 198.00. I called the company and Matt Morris told me there was nothing he could do at that point. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he was the supervisor. I continuously asked for his supervisors name. He did not want to give it to me. I got mad and demanded the sup’s name. Matthey realized that I was an educated consumer and would not stand for this type of behavior and told me his supervisors name. I asked to speak to the supervisor and he said he was in a meeting. I told Matthew I would wait. Its the same old crap all sales people pull on unsuspecting advertisers. I told him I would wait. He said he cant talk now. I find it very hard to believe that a company as large as they say they are, a supervisor is not available. | | I explained to Matthew that I will contest the chharges with my bank and my attorney will now deal with this issue and the wheels are already in motion. I will continue to let the public know about the deceptive sales tactics of this company. | My question is this: Why would a company want to charge me 400.00 for early cancellation, if they havnt provided a service. I could see it, if they purchased some materials and needed to recoop some of the monies, but just because they say so, its 400.00 to cancel. Now lets look at this further, Why would someone want to strongarm customers to take service? Because they know that they may have customers cancelling service on a regular basis. And why would anyone cancel service? Because they did not provide the services as promised. 3.5 months not one call! Matt even verified it. I dont know but I can spend that money somewhere else like google ad-words or someone that actually gives me value for my money. | Were a service business. We dont hold contracts over people. What good is a contract? If I provide bad service to customers, does that mean I can continue to force bad service down there throats whether they want it or not? | This employees here are all happy to help when there trying to get money from you, but when the chips are down, look for old addage “Theres nothing further I can do”. | I am a part of a very large social media group who could use advertising services, I will make it my lifes work to make sure that Angies List doesnt see another dime. |

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