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  • Reported Loss: 4500 $
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I was looking to market my products on the internet when I came across this course that teaches you to market online for high returns. I have used many platforms to do so. From Facebook to google ads. Although I have succeeded in my strategies and plans that I have used so far, I was not satisfied by the results. The money I invested wasn’t completely paid back and I realized that I needed something else to boast my business.For the same reasons, I opted for this course that Anik Singal markets. It is known as Lurn Insider. This course teaches you to create marketing campaigns. It suggests tools and other tricks to master the way one creates marketing campaigns.I paid for the course unknowingly that it was a waste of money. As I can understand, Anik Singal has created this course for those who are looking to sell products online. So, I believed that this was the right fit for me. When I started the modules, I felt as if it was created by a novice. Having tried so many things and tools, I have understood that no two methodologies are similar and not one strategy can work for every business.However, this course fails to identifies which audience to target. It sells to everyone without warning them that this could be of no use or this could be a mistake. When I joined the program, I believed that it would cost me nothing more than $1797. I was given few videos to start with. However, as the time passed, I was asked to invest more. For domain registration which happened to be three of them, the auto responder and many others. The company suggested me to buy the one that they use and paid a huge fee for that too. Somehow, I believe that they must be an affiliate with the auto responder company that they use the services from and this is a way for making some extra bucks from marketing the auto responder plans. Although this is just an inference, I strongly believe it.The cost did not end there. These people asked me to pay for the traffic too. The sales guy never stopped calling me for one or the other plans. They wanted me to pay for every other thing that they sold. I was getting tired of all this as it was not working for me. And, I am sure that this was not my fault as I did everything they asked to do.After attempting everything, they asked me to pay for other advanced courses. The worst part was their content which was not even satisfactory. They have provided bogus content that make no sense. I was very tired of their content and strategies that they sell as if they are doing some kind of favour for selling it for such a low price.The articles and pictures are all pathetic. Anik talked highly about the content and that was the first reason why I decided to join the program. He called me a student but now I have realized that Anik considers me a customer and every other person who pays for this shitty program of his.The articles were highly unprofessional and the picture quality was bad. I never thought that after paying such a huge money, I would get this trash. And, since the time I paid for the course, these guys have never failed to try to convince me for other plans.I have warned them not to call me and have even asked for a refund. But, they have a clear no refund policy that makes it easy for them to get away with their scam. They have nothing special to sell. All they do is create fantasies about the course they are selling which has no worth and make money out of the lies.These guys have helped me only to become more confused about the plans and strategies for building my online business. They are cheaters and liars. Above all, they do not respond to any query I have. This makes me even more angry.I had so many questions in mind and I wanted him to clear the doubts when going through the course. And, not for once, anyone replied to me. They did reply when I was not a student to them. They answered all my questions including Anik about the course and how I would be benefitted by it. Once I made the payment, I was taken out of the equation.They only responded when I asked for a refund. They suggested that I had used their product for so long. But, how would I have known that the content is worthless without giving it enough time. I had to use it for sometime and see what they had to offer before calling them fake or liars.Their strategies and tools have not helped me at all. I am here repenting about the money I spent over the course and the requirements they suggested from time to time. These people are very shameless.Anik is a great orator and that is it. He only knows how to make people believe in every thing that he has to say. He is good for nothing. If you ask me about his course, I have one word for it – ‘fraud’.Only after I complained about the content and asked for a refund, they responded. That too with a negative answer. All they care about is their money. As I said, I was never a student to them, I was a customer. They made sure to take away every possible penny from me and returned me nothing. Their course only made me feel stupid. Anik Singal has created the worst course ever and is never going to succeed with it.The way he is lying during the sales seminar makes him a con artist. If you are looking forward to pay him for something that does not work and never will, think twice, thrice and as many time it takes you to reconsider your decision.


Anik Singal

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