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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Animal Specialty & Emergency Center at on 02-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Animal Specialty & Emergency Center
  • Address: 1535 S Sepulveda Blvd
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 310-473-5906
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Animal Specialty & Emergency Center published at on 02-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Psycho Vet Todd Cohen Intentionally Malpracticed and Neglected Pet to Die | Todd Cohen (Internal Medicine) is hyper narcissistic and hyper arrogant. He intentionally malpracticed and neglected pet to die for no reason but his own psychological reasons. He has a proven track record (you can absolutely find those records) of being a psychologically ill, bad quality and poor hearted person. | Within 10 seconds of meeting Todd Cohen for the first time, he crashed us with the condition of our pet. While the condition might be true, the way he presented is a bit too dramatic. It is like he is playing us pet owners so he can feel he is the Jesus who has great power to save the life of our pet. I have notice he is pretty arrogant. He suggested aggressive treatment plan for a chance to survive the pet. | So far so good, right? He didn’t do this because he cares as much about you. He wants to feel good about himself because he is now the “God” who saves lives. He is in control of everything. | In real life, people like this are also very good actors. So unless you are his target, you might think he is a very good person, while it hides the quite opposite underneath it. | Because he put us into great concerns about our pet’s condition, the next week has been in living hell. When we finally get to see him again and find out the pet has been doing a tiny little better, we goshed. Then something very shocking stroked us. Todd Cohen said:”If you don’t believe me…”. This is such a strange twist: he crashed you emotionally, and when you followed what he said and be concerned about the pet, now he claims you showed too much concern and therefore you are not believing in his capability to cure the pet. Oh my god, how sick and narcissistic Todd Cohen is? | He then continued to say:”Last time the pet is miserable, it is doing much better now”. I added that is also because we took a shower of the pet before bring it in so it made it look even more miserable. I didn’t say the pet wasn’t but just more miserable. He instantly cut me off and said:”The pet WAS miserable”. At that point, I am fully aware how hyper and unusually arrogant Todd Cohen is. | He then stopped treating the pet and intentionally gave the wrong advice. He told us to continue the medication that is not working for the pet and the diet that the pet wasn’t even eating for a week! There were several phone calls to inform the pet’s situation but they always gave this same piece of advice. After a few days and it seems things are not going right and they are not doing anything to help, we called in to directly ask for a change of medication and diet immediately. What happened was extremely strange. Todd Cohen hatredly denied all request. When they refused to change the medication, diet and refused to see the pet right away, I asked for a refill of fluid instead. Shockingly he told me the entire internal medicine agrees not to give me anything! This is quite bazaar. Fluid refill is pretty standard process. Not believing it, I insisted to speak to another person in the department to get a second opinion. This second person instantly told me it is pretty standard to get fluid refill. Therefore Todd Cohen has lied about “the entire internal medicine agrees not to give me anything”. | Todd Cohen refuse to help and ask me to take the pet to ER. He then even started personal attack on me by saying that I am trying to leave my pet to die, because I insisted to see internal medicine instead since I know ER won’t be able to help. I was super right. When I have to take the pet to ER later due to severed condition, ER didn’t do anything to help and they send me back to internal medicine, causing further delay on the treatment. Sending me to ER was just Todd Cohen’s continued negligence and malpractice to put our pet to die. | I was too stupid and just thought Todd Cohen wants money by asking me to take the pet to ER. As Todd Cohen’s proven record shows he is pretty good at bad mouthing. I then soon noticed every vets at the hospital started judging me. Some acted pretty rude, likely they have heard something from Todd Cohen. | When finally the prescheduled appointment day with internal medicine came, they weirdly told me they will treat my pet but they will not see me! At that morning, our pet has stayed in the ER department for 24 hours and seemed stable at 8am. I insisted to see the vets to discuss best treatment plan. They finally called at 10am and agreed to see me at 12pm. When I asked about the pet’s condition, they said come in and we’ll talk. When I came at 12, they told me my pet has showed remarkable decline an hour ago and now has gone into coma. How weird: 8am standing with eyes wide open; but just after being transferred to internal medicine, the pet suddenly went into coma. | After Todd Cohen has been intentionally neglecting the pet for over a week, gave the wrong medical advice and refused to treat the pet (although I didn’t realize it back then; that is why I was still sending the pet to him) and now the pet would go into coma after instantly being transferred to him. Something is going on here. | Todd didn’t mention a single word how he was helping our pet that morning while he was with the pet all the time, but he focused on talking about the drastic decline and persisted us to put the pet down soon. | So as you can see, Todd Cohen completed the process of intentionally harming the pet all for his own reasons. What a terrible story. | He gave the wrong advice, and intentionally neglected the pet to leave the pet to die, and eventually he couldn’t even hide his desire to put the pet down. He is the psycho who for one minute would make you feel like he is a saint god of life saver, but next minute for no reason he turned into an evil monster. And he got a proven track of record with this. He can even turn everyone against you for no reason or mistake of yours. This bad person is capable of bad mouthing. And he knows how to charm people into thinking he is a very good person too. Only that is acting. | Animal cruelty and intentional harm. The pet’s life => Todd Cohen. |

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