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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anita Steinbergh DO at on 09-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Anita Steinbergh DO
  • Address: 550 S Cleveland Avenue
  • City: Westerville
  • State: Colombia
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 6148989090
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Anita Steinbergh DO published at on 09-May-14 says, verbatim –

Anita Steinbergh DO sits on the Ohio Medical Board where she misdiagnoses women MDs with ‘unknown mental disorder’ without blood work, consultation, bone density, or even treatment for fractures that caused by a metabolic bone problem. According to Anita, fractures need a new right Ohio psychiatrist. Everything is ‘psychiatric’ to her – wrist fractures, bone pain, thyroid. The reason that the woman MD was concerned about her wrist fractures was that she also played the harp (the pedal harp), and she had to do laundry, cooking, go to the bathroom, and comb her hair – wrists do a lot of things besides swell to excrescence. | Psychiatric diagnoses do not cause fractures – you don’t break your wrist or shoulder with no stress because you have an ‘unknown mental disorder. Dr. Steinbergh thinks that mental disorders are fractures, that bone pain is exaggerated, that bone density testing does not matter. Women MDs don’t need blood work, or workups. | Dr. Steinbergh will assess, without office visit, patient history, or labs, that the woman MD -who objected to wrong care – has an ‘unknown mental disorder.’ Which is what besides fraud – another diagnosis that does not exist, and means that she is practicing without the appropriate safeguards, procedures or sense. That she invents her medicine when it suits her. | Dr. Steinbergh allows that Board experts cheat on testing, diagnoses – the Medical Board can cheat, it’s just about winning a case – the notches on her chair. She diagnoses a woman MD by her objection to wrong care – you are supposed to ‘accept’ bad care in Ohio, and not mention mistakes so that they get done on more patients. | One woman MD just objected to admittedly ‘bad care’ – care that the Medical Board & Dr. Steinbergh described as ‘boys being boys.’ Dr. Steinbergh took the woman MD’s license, not the orthopedic’s, and told her to refer to the orthopedic that did the admittedly ‘bad care’ – for some sick reason of putting a victim back with a tormentor. She likes salacious gossip, sexual innuendo, and to know the lewd details – because the one woman MD did not have problems with patients, just colleagues who were in the words of the hospital psychologist ‘pathologic’ and ‘neurotic’ – colleagues who were married and talking about their sexual needs during patient office visits for fractures. Sexual joking on the hospital wards or in the locker rooms – or in medical student/residency training – is one thing. Being sick in an office where they are talking about explicit ‘sex’ is nauseating, humiliating, and wrong. There is a time for a sex joke, and a time for compassion – she doesn’t know the difference but has Governor Kasich on speed-dial.

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