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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anna Stolyarov at on 13-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Anna Stolyarov
  • Address:
  • City: Portland
  • State: Congo
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 971-295-2485
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Anna Stolyarov published at on 13-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

I want to write this report to warn men in Oregon and Washington about this person. I first hand have been a victim of this lady’s foul play. Instead of whining and venting, let me just tell you the facts in a summary: | In 2011 our divorce was final, but I am still suffering from everything Anna has done to me. | So to summarize: | 1. She married me to get immigrant status. | 2. When I refused to participate in marriage fraud, she slandered me in front of all of my friends and business partners causing me to lose all of my income. | 3. She cleaned up my bank account and credit cards. | 4. She threatened my children, so now my first wife refuses to give them to me for a visit. | 5. She hacked into my emails and Skype after we separated to spy on me and slander me again. | Here are more details: | Summary of actions by Anna Stolyarov (Zakharova) | Fraudulently married U.S. citizens at least twice to get immigrant status. | Anna first arrived to U.S. through a work-and-travel program in 2005. She then came to the country again through the same program in 2006 and 2008. She was supposed to leave the country on 07/03/2008 but did not. After her last work visa expired, she has been desperately trying to get an immigrant status. | She fraudulently married a U.S. citizen, Alamezie Enwereaku, in March, 2009. At that time she was living with another person, also a U.S. citizen (myself). All of that time she kept me completely unaware of her marriage to Alamezie. She couldnt push me to marry her back then because I was still married to my first wife and was in a lengthy process of divorce and custody proceedings. | After marrying Alamezie, Anna applied for a permanent resident status as his wife. Soon after Alamezie fled from her. (Most likely because he found out about her immigration problems). On 05/14/2009 USCIS sent her a notice requesting Alamezies Affidavit of Support that Anna couldnt provide, and on 08/27/2009 they denied her petition. After that, on 11/09/2009 she filed for a divorce. It was final on 03/12/2010. | Oddly enough, soon after, her husband Alamezie committed suicide. | By that time I had already divorced my first wife. Anna rushed me to get married, and we were married on 04/23/2010. After that, in June, 2010, I found her expired visa and other documents at our home. Before that I was completely unaware that she had no immigrant status. I told Anna that I wanted to separate from her and she moved out. On 08/19/2010 she returned to our residence in the middle of the night. She made a scene trying to push me to go to a USCIS interview with her that was scheduled for 08/30/2010. She threatened to hurt my children if I wouldn’t comply. | I refused to go with her and left the residence. Later, in September, 2010, Anna filed for a restraining order against me in order to apply for a permanent resident status as a battered spouse. On her petition for a restraining order she falsely accused me of domestic violence, and the petition was granted. As far as I know, her petition for a permanent resident status has not been granted yet, most likely for lack of evidence because I have never hurt anyone, including Anna, physically or emotionally. | Here are some other very suspicious facts about her: | 2. In the last three years on she used at least 9 different addresses; | 3. provided multiple false statements on court and other documents, and | 3. forged various documents (contact me for proof and more details if you want — I have all that ready). | In 2011 I started a divorce process. Anna wanted me to pay her alimony of $600 a month for three years after ONLY 4 months of marriage!!! She wrote in her court papers that she was struggling financially and had no job. However, her LinkedIn and other employment records that are available through Google verify that she has been employed since 2010. Also, I found out that at that time she was dating some other guy. So to the court she wanted to present herself as a poor battered wife, but in reality she was working and dating someone and having fund in clubs of Portland.

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