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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AnnetteKaye Casady at on 17-Feb-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: AnnetteKaye Casady
  • Address:
  • City: Lind and Warden
  • State:
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 5099895200
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AnnetteKaye Casady published at on 17-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

Here is ANOTHER GREAT POST and we have faxed to RYAN as I am sure he will want to know that his name is being used out there. AND since she is 'OWNER" of DOUBLE J BOOMLOADING (in her words and posted on the internet); this company will be held in liability as well. As far as hiding! HOPE! Home in ARIZONA; Home in IDAHO; HOME in UTAH .. I am not hiding! ANNETTEKAYE CASADY puts all of our addresses, employments and telephone numbers for ALL to see. AFTER ALL, she posted on CRAIGSLIST right where I WORK .. "Canda SAYS "Here is another great post by AnnetteKaye Casady .. Innocent people DO NOT NEED to post or hide behind their lover's names!" NO ONE IS HIDING CANDALEE PARKER EXCEPT YOU | BULLIED IN QUEEN CREEK AZ is not your name and you are in IDAHO hiding from embezzling money from Ryan. My name is AnnetteKaye Johnny is his name and he can have any opinion he wants, NO ONE IS HIDING FROM ANYONE no need we live a good honest pay our bills don't embezzle money life. STOP EMAILING US STOP BEING A FREAK AND STOP COPYING THIS PROFILE THAT YOU AND YOUR ALIAS ARE BLOCKED FROM. "

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