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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AnnetteKaye Casady at on 13-Dec-17.


Business Details –

  • Name: AnnetteKaye Casady
  • Address:
  • City: Lind and Warden
  • State:
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 5099895200
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AnnetteKaye Casady published at on 13-Dec-17 says, verbatim –

part of CHAPTER THREE…..Hortense just stop 8-1-2011 | ………..Now you get Olga to deliver copies to Johnny, do you have no self respect? Do you have no compassion for Olga and her pain? Johnny feels terrible that she is involved with your lashing out. Hurt by your vindictiveness and her being involved shows me a lack of self respect. Johnny was sitting beside me in the tractor as I sent the texts and he has read every word I have sent you before I sent it OUT OF RESPECT FOR HIM AND MYSELF, I HAVE KEPT NO SECRETS. | By getting Olga to deliver those copies you have ultimate control, you have made his wife do something for you, She got to be his wife, he went home to her after your one night stand, but you got the last word. SAD | You have called my home a dump and me a kept woman. | You have threatened law suits. You say Johnny made promises to you, well Johnny has told me I can live in the double wide with his mother as he was joking around, should I sue him or laugh at his jokes. The promises you talk about I can hear him saying, he is hilarious in his jokes so I can hear all these promises you talk about, the comments to shoot the dog, or let the calves out, to plan a trip to the Bahamas he’ll just write a check or go ahead take my pickup you can have it, | Sherrilynn has accused me of stealing your man. | You have stated Johnny has paid my bills. . | The law suits you are threatening have no merit and if you can find a way to do it I am ready, | Johnny and I are not a couple, | I have only made one promise to you, if Johnny asks me over I promise to go. | You are the one creating all the pain and suffering to yourself. | I have asked you to stop, | Johnny has asked you to stop, | The Adams County Sheriff has asked you to stop, | And in one note from Olga she asked you to stop. | Hortense just stop. | Take a nap, go into therapy, work on your marriage, stop hurting people, stop trying to get even with Johnny for decisions you obviously made, if suing me and Johnny is going to make you feel better before you do that remember there is no room in the law for emotions, hurt feelings, or he said she said, I too keep perfect records and in review no judge cares that I slept with Johnny or that Johnny slept with you. So before wasting time let us review the facts. Cuz facts are all any court cares about. In fact I don’t see anything in my notes that a judge would even listen too. But I do see things that might interest your kids and husband. If at some point you can clearly state what you want, what it would take for all this crap to stop please let me know. So I guess the bottom line is Fred, Sherrilynn, Natalie, Jason, and Hortense I don’t want any more contact from you, no friend requests, threats, invoices with my name on them for things I didn’t do, just leave me alone, leave Johnny and I to ourselves. ABSOLUTLY THE ONLY CONTACT OR COMMENTS FROM HERE FORWARD SHOULD BE FROM YOUR ATTORNEY and I can tell you your continued comments on facebook not only will your attorney not like the judge will see QUOTE ‘your true colors”……….. | at December 10, 2017

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