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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anonymous at on 25-Aug-14.


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  • Name: Anonymous
  • Address: (403) 866-1391
  • City:
  • State: American Samoa
  • Country: United States
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Original Complaint against Anonymous published at on 25-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

We purchased a blue male french budog with breeding rights for $5000. The puppy arrived in a dirty crate and he was very stinky with brown dirty ears and horrendous unkept nails. He had liquid stools from the minute he came home. The breeder Patti called disgruntled and said her other dogs tested positive for giardia and she would send medication. However when the medicine arrived and we started it for a few days she called back and said it was the wrong medicine and to go to our vet to get the right one called metronidozole. We went to our vet and paid another exam and medication for this baby but unfortunately he was so damaged inside it ruined his digestion and intestines to the point he could not tolerate commercial dog food. We decided that a dog with these issues was not a candidate to breed so we placed him for free with a vet tech home to continue the care he needed. Patti was fully aware of the entire situation and avoided contact when it came to making this right for us. We took the financial loss for his best interest but I would NEVER recommend this puppy mill backyard breeder to anyone. Looking at her Facebook page you see her dogs in tiny rooms and puppies in little wooden boxes. They are under socialized and obviously not given the proper vet care. Makes you wonder if her adult dogs get proper vet care annual shots or see the light of day. She is a sad excuse of a human to treat her dogs in such a manner and it’s a sin watching her website how many puppies she pushs out per year. Guardia and Coccidea are known to be almost as bad as parvo virus and you basically have to move to avoid the issue so almost guaranteed all her dogs have it. BUYERS BEWARE PLEASE!!!!!

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