Anthony Carra & Bill Kiernam Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anthony Carra & Bill Kiernam at on 25-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Anthony Carra & Bill Kiernam
  • Address: 8739 New Falls Rd
  • City: Levittown
  • State: Costa Rica
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 215-945-8600
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Anthony Carra & Bill Kiernam published at on 25-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Hello, I had a business dealing with which I thought the too good to be true William F. Kiernan (Bill) of Levittown in Falls Township, Pa. and Anthony Carra (Tony) from Trevise, Pa. I had made a deal with these two gentlemen but I had did it under the circumstances of thinking with my heart and not with my head. I had an agreement with these two men for my pizza shop that I previously owned located at 8739 New Falls Road in Levittown, Pa. 19054 which is next to the town known Jo Jo’s Ice Cream and directly behind the Pennsbury High School. I had put these two men in my property and we had an agreement that they were to buy the property. Through all of these messy situations dealing with them I should of known. I had trusted the one man William Kiernan because he was a family friend as well as he held a position as a zoning officer on the zoning board in the Township of Falls here in Bucks County , Pennsylvania.Who would think that someone holding that position as well as being a previous family friend would turn out to to be a deceitful thief and a liar. Well these two guys did. | As I was saying I had a pizza shop that was doing about 8,000 dollars a week in gross sales before anything was paid out. That is not major high flowing business but its a nice amount per week for the area were in here in Levittown, Pa. Well, Bill Kiernan had came to me and approached me and let me explain to you all that this act was pre meditated and planned out so I didn;t really see this coming and this is why I say WATCH THESE MEN AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I had sold them my pizza shop along with transferring the deed to my pizza shop over to them (which I know was stupid) and they were to refinance the building and pay me the difference from what was owed to my mortgage on the property with TD Bank and what my asking price was. The deal went through fine like I suspected it to… All of the sudden within 2 months S*** HIT THE FAN. Not did they NEVER pay a dime to me what so ever. They again were making 8,000 a week in sales. What these guys had decided to do which a friend of mine had told me whom had recently passes away May of 2014 is that the one partner Tony Carra of Trevose has made a living of this. They come into deals know what to do and what to say. They get their foot in the door then they plan their avenue of attack to pretty much bankrupt and destroy you. What these guys had done was file straw bankruptcies, which are bankruptcies just filed to stop the taking of real property know as real estaet for those who dont know. So as they were making 8,000 dollars a week and not owning up to our contract we had. They said lets stop paying the mortgage on the previous property owners mortgage which he had in his name ad credit. Thats how they did it!!!!! They were genius!!!! | On my end after thousands of dollars in legal/attorney fees and so on and those deceitful thiefs William Kiernan and Tony Carra, I had to hire my lawyer for one final last straw to put an end to the fiasco. William Kiernam and Tony Carra were in there making tons of money and NOT paying the mortgage and NOT even paying the real estate taxes. I wanted to also share the tax parcels of the property so if at all someone doubts this story or thinks I’m out to just get revenge that is NOT the case! The case here is to inform people NOT to do any business dealings with them AT ALL!! As I was previously stating the Bucks County Tax Parcel Numbers are as follows (there are three of them) 13-019-151, 13-019-152 & 13-019-153. You can look up any information such as taxes deliquent, Non mortgage payments and so on. They will come at you and say this guy being”me” sold them a failing business. I want to stand a defense against that as well. The property located at 8739 New Falls Road in Levittown, Pa. 19054 has been a known pizza shop since 1960 and has NEVER been closed until these two deceitful liars took it over. | Also, after finding out after my deal was made with these two and got myself in this mess. Tony Carra did the same exact thing to a friend of mine which I never knew it happened and he owned Bella Pizza in Levittown, Pa and my friend (the owner) since then passed away May of 2014. My lawyer Richard J. Kwasny of Bucks County and now office located in New Jersey can also verify the mistakes I made and of course show you the evidence of everything I stated here to be 100% TRUE.

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