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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anthony Contreras & Associates at on 27-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Anthony Contreras & Associates
  • Address: 11780 Central Ave Ste 105
  • City: Chino
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (213) 272-7526
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Anthony Contreras & Associates published at on 27-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

I hired Tony who was recommended by his partner Frances. Landlord eviction and my defense was breach of contract. Being a California Paralegal, I should of fought this myself, but due to shrinking of the frontal lobe of my brain I have word loss memory and can forget train of thought. I carry notebook for that reason and would be so embarrassed if this happens in court. | Pacino aka Tony (he tried so talk and act like him, it was hilarious) actually came to the house. $1,000 to file, serve and court hearing. Then the texts started asking for more money. So, I deposited into his account a total of $3,000 extra. Then he would show up unexpected and driven by “former clients without a iota of doubt gang members”. The vehicles are not registered and I refused to let that person in my home. | Tony was to file a response to the eviction notice and sent a Gardner with paperwork for me to sign. My daughter and I were expecting Tony and this person had no clue where I was to sign. Looking over the paperwork I found he used the tenant /landlord defense of “the house was not habitable”. I had to sign the paperwork since it was the last day to file and knew I could amend the response before trial. | That same day we received over 100 texts from Pacino, saying (only mom at courthouse to sign papers. I called Pacino and said you can’t file a non habitable house defense. You’ve been over every day and what the heck is the problem? We have no rats, bats, ants, mice, roofs not caving, all bathrooms work, all appliances that came the house work. In his Pacino voice “don’t worry I have things up my sleeve and remember that I have 20 years of experience in law (gosh I graduated with a Paralegal degree six years before you passed the bar) and know every trick in the book. | After the second time he came without notice, my son started writing down license plate numbers and glad he did. After his speech about his experience, I decided for my best interest I should check Pacino criminal record. Having prior clients driving him around just felt hinky….WHAT A FIND!!!!! | Two DUI’s within a year and one for refusing to take a blood test. He was using our money to pay off his fines and pay for OHS classes. I never told him I knew anything. At our trial, he requested that it be heard at another courthouse at 2:00. As we leave the court he completely went ballistic on both my landlord and his attorney “yelling, your a mean, evil man, causing my terminal client pain and making her sick, yadda, yadda”. The only thing that was true is that I have terminal conditions. I was appalled by such rude behavior, so I dragged him away to the parking lot. Then he asked if had $300 since we’re going to another courthouse. Didn’t bring my purse. | I went to the courthouse and waited until it was ready for the court room opened and then went in. I had my phone on vibrate and saw it was Pacino calling and texting me. Where are you? I walked out of the courtroom, looked at him sitting on the bench and said “In the d**n court”….by the way Pacino was dressed in a suit that showed missing seams, buttons missing from everywhere, to small and if he ever shined his shoes it must of been back in 1999. As the Attorney starts to speak about the case, and Pacino starts butting in, interrupted the Judge and Attorney. The Judge told Pacino “if you don’t wait your turn and keep interrupting, I will throw out the case with prejudice and hold you in contempt. I GRABBED HIS HAND, SQUEEZED AND WHISPERED STFU. When it was our turn, I told the truth about the house. It has nothing to do with a dirty house. I was not lying in a court. I would never commit perjury for anyone, NOT EVEN MY CHILDREN. Lost the case. We walk out to the parking lot and he has the guts to ask me to write him a check for $500 because he had something up his sleeve. I said, my check in your sleeve, sitting next to your something. | The last two years have been hell. Camped out from May 5, 2012 to November 23, then rented a hooker, drug infested motel room with a kitchenette for $580 a week. We’ve been here since. My only grandchild has been in the hospital three times, due to mold, animal urine and feces imbedded in the 50 year old carpet. I’ve had three bacterial infections in my lungs, no help for COPD. Then a 911 run to the hospital with a twisted intestine. Out came 22 inches of small and large intestine. Week in ICU. | On 2/22/15 I contacted Pacino and told him I finished all the paperwork for a lawsuit against him and was also sending complaints with all evidence attached to the Riverside Bar, California Bar and Federal Car Associations. I told him that I have his license to practice law removed and I was filing in Superior Court asking for $500,000. I informed him that I would represent myself and he really should hire a Attorney to represent him. | He wrote me back admitting that he overcharged us and everything about the DUI, etc, was true. He wrote that he would reimburse me in full. I received just under $1,000 and then stopped communication with him. Better the court handle the lawsuit. Don’t hire him, its not worth being anxious and having full blown panic attacks. | I, Yolanda Silva, declare under Penalty of Perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. | yadda, yadda signed |

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