Anthony Defusco or De Fusco Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anthony Defusco or De Fusco at on 09-Jan-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Anthony Defusco or De Fusco
  • Address: 1433 Saffron Trail
  • City: DeLand
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 407.808.6064
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Anthony Defusco or De Fusco published at on 09-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

This is to make you Aware of Anthony DeFusco (De fusco) he is a THIEF AND A LIAR!!!!! | It is a funny thing that the SCAMMER, will always make it seem like it is the other person’s fault!!! ANTHONY DEFUSCO IS NOTHING BUT A LYING THIEF! HE PROMISED ME A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY BUT NEVER DELIVERED!! HE STOLE $8000 OF MY MONEY AND NOW HE REFUSES TO REFURN IT! HE “SAID” HE KEEPS TELLING ME WHAT A WONDERFUL GUY HE IS AND THAT HE IS DOING ME A FAVOR AND RETURNING ALL OF MY MONEY FROM THE GOODNESS OF HIS HEART, WHICH HE DOES NOT HAVE AT ALL!!! | Anthony DeFusco (De Fusco) will come off like the nicest caring guy and then FLAT OUT STEAL YOUR MONEY! He promises that he will set you up in an AT HOME call center and put you in charge as a “manager” and promised me 10 homeworkers! I gave him money in December of 2013 and that was to go into the January 10th group that was starting then. Great business opportunty, the American Dream? So I thought! | Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and it was one excuse after another! HE NEVER DID ONE THING HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO!! First he would blame it on the phone systems, they were never right, then the homeworkers, he had to hire an agency he said, then yet another phone system (was on the 3rd one!)…on and on and on!! | Finally after 9 MONTHS and hundreds of excuse via phone calls, email,texts it was just plain BS, I asked Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) for my money back! This was in September 2014!! Now we are into another set of excuses! First it was “I am having my attorney draw up the papers”, then more and more BS lies and excuses. There is another victim who he ripped of also who filed a report, funny but he told me “No one had a problem except you”! Then one day I get an email from this other person asking if I had dealings with Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) and that she too was ripped off in the same manner! Lies, lies and more lies! | Anthony claims that this is “Slander” Well Anthony, it is only “Slander” if it is NOT true! I have many many emails, texts etc from Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) that backs up that he is MR EXCUSE! He even says he is in business for 25 years and has a stellar reputation! NOT! Here is the definition of “slander: | Full Definition of SLANDER. 1 : the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation. 2 : a false and defamatory oral statement about a person — compare libel | BOTTOM LINE: IT IS NOT SLANDER IF IT IS THE TRUTH! | People need to be aware that if they run into Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) they need to RUN and NEVER give him money! He just promises and never delivers! | Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) promised he would Pay me back in several emails “Bi Weekly” but never actually pays! Funny thing is he will put the blame on others (typical of a scammer!) It is MY fault and I am the only one that complained! He never delivered what he promised and therefore I deserve a FULL refund! | Here is all about Anthony De Fusco’s (Defusco’s) and his promises: | 1- He hires “managers” to work from home and manage telemarketers. He sells it as a “Business Opportunity” and charges up front for promises he never keeps! He charges a lot of money with promises of ‘guaranteed” income, but never delivers! | 2- He has one excuse after another as to “Why” we have not started. He always says he it traveling, mostly out west. OR so he says. | 3- He is very good with numbers and probably is living off of other people’s money and has it all figured out, financially. (assumption, not a fact) | More info: | His “Corporation” is Financial Freedom Fighters and wife is Lori De Fusco (Defusco) He has 2 older children (In case you wondered if it is the same Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) He is also from Rhode Island. (THIS MAY NOT BE TRUE, HIS WIFE LORI DEFUSCO IS THE OWNER OF THIS BUT HE CLAIMS IT IS HIS!!) LIAR LIAR LIAR! | Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) has hurt my family more than you can imagine and I have told Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) time and time again how I needed the money very badly (or the job he promised at first) and all he has is excuse after excuse and now they are just LIES! | If Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) returns my money like a gentleman like he promised he would, I will retract this post but WHY would someone take the time out to post a complaint if it were not true? | The reason I wrote Anthony De Fusco (Defusco) is for SEO purposes so if someone spells his name either way and looks for the keywords, LIAR, SCAMMER, THIEF SCAMARTIST ETC…his name will come up both ways. Bottom line, he needs to be stopped! | *BEWARE OF ANTHONY DE FUSCO OR DEFUSCO!!! HE IS NOTHING BUT A LYING THIEF, SCAMMER AND NO ONE SHOULD EVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!! | LET IT BE KNOWN THAT IF ANTHONY RETURNS MY MONEY, I WILL TAKE ALL OF THESE POSTS DOWN, IF HE DOES NOT RETURN MY MONEY, THERE WILL BE HUNDREDS OF POSTS ABOUT ANTHONY DEFUSCO THE LYING THIEF!! WHY SHOULD ANTHONY DEFUSCO GET AWAY WITH STEALING FROM ME OR THE OTHER VICTIM WHO HE STOLE FROM?? HE STOLE $15,000 FROM ANOTHER WOMAN FROM ORLANDO. SAME THING, PROMISES, LIES AND THIEF!!! JUST FLAT OUT STEALS!!!

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