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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ANTHONY ZUCCARO at on 17-Apr-15.


Business Details –

  • Address: 314 Prospect street
  • City: Binghamton
  • State: New York
  • Country: United States
  • Phone:
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ANTHONY ZUCCARO published at on 17-Apr-15 says, verbatim –

314 Prospect street is owner occupied by a Slumlord Anthony Zuccaro | I moved in November 2014 to an ad I responded to on Craigslist for a room for rent. Posted was a list of free perks for tenants such as Laundry machines and dryers, Wifi and cable. I had just moved to Binghamton and needed a place to batten down for the winter. Leaving a room to move into another room was a step down, but it was only temporary. Opon moving in a furnished $300 dollars as a $200.00 dollar security and 1 weeks rents. December 2014 the boiler had blown a part that supplied heat, so for 3 weeks of December, the entire home was without heat. The home had other problems too. No installation in the walls, all of the water pipes and plumbing was on the same line. So if you took a shower, you had to inform all of the other residents in the house that you were using the water. The house was shallow and carried sound throughout. If you are a light sleeper, there’s absolutely no way you could get a restful nights sleep. The Landlord proudly stated that he was a Crackhead and would routinely have drug dealers and other guests pop in and out unannounced during all times of the night. | I paid every week faithfully, would mind my business and stay to myself. I’m a solitary man with 1 girlfriend and a handful of friends, so even though company wasn’t a major deal, I kept none, only myself. January of 2015 I was hospitalized for a Blood clotting disorder and as a result of lack of coverage I lost my job. I ended up falling on DSS (Department of Social Services) for a 1 time rental payment by the state, which they paid for the month of February 2015. I am not used to Welfare, & having an understanding and supportive family, I managed to borrow a hundred here & there just to keep my rent paid on time every week. March 2015 I informed my Landlord that I was healthy and seeking to return to work. Not owing him a dime in arrears, I asked my family for an additional $200 bucks, which I paid and kept the receipt. It was my assurance if the job market was slow. | Every week I reported my progress to the Land lord, also informing him that my hospitalization depleted my savings account. About the second week of March, Anthony Zuccaro called me, demanding rent which at that time totalled $200 dollars. He harrassed me, cursed me and demanded payment. He exploded on the phone, then when it was my time to respond, he’d cut me off and explode again. I told him it was only $200 bucks and to use my deposit to cover the 2 weeks. He refused and said he’ll be taking me to court for the Month of march. | Almost instantly following that I found a Job part time working 20-35 hours a week. I told Anthony Zuccaro that I found the job and I’ll be slowly paying the month of March (which we were in) off, and should be ready for April in the last week of March. The same day of the conversation Anthony Zuccaro served me a petition to appear in court on the 9th of April 2015, 9am sharp. On the petition which he downloaded from Law Depot dot com, Anthony Zuccaro stated that I owed him $800.00 dollars, which was a sharp contrast of the $200 that I owed. On the petition, Mr. Zuccaro stated that I agreed to pay him on the 3rd of each month in advance, which totalled $400+400 for a 12×8 feet room. | April 9th I appeared in front of the Judge with my petition and my receipts for the months paid. Mr. Zuccaro told the judge that I owed him $800 dollars. When the Judge asked him did I make an attempt to pay what I owed, Anthony Zuccaro said “no”. Thankfully I was represented by a Legal Aid during the case. Rather Impromtu, but she knew her stuff. When it was our turn to explain , I stated that I have a receipt for $200 dollars that I paid for the month of March & that’s when Mr. Zuccaro made an outburst, agreeing that I kick over the money. The Judge and Baliff quickly remanded Anthony Zuccaro, boldly stating that his time to talk had expired. Furthermore, I presented the remainder of my receipts which had shown that the rent was every week and NOT monthly, as Anthony Zuccaro stated on the Petition. | The Judge took a brief recess and within 15 minutes, asked Mr. Zuccaro if he wanted to work out a deal with me for the back rent. Anthony Zuccaro stated that he just wanted me out. The Judge reduced Anthony Zuccaro’s asking amount down from $800.00 to $358.00 which included the last 2 weeks of March and 1st week of April, since Mr. Zuccaro tried to include a month that hadn’t arrived. His petition was notorized on March 31st 2015, however he demanded March and April 2015. The Judge also informed Mr. Zuccaro that under strict guidelines by New York State law, I was awarded a 3 day Voluntary leave of the premises, which the state only recognizes business days. So from thurday to monday, if I hadn’t voluntarily vacated his property, Anthony Zuccaro would then have to receive a Writ from the Sheriffs department and a Warrant presented to me by the Sheriff. Under any circumstances Anthony Zuccaro was not to change the locks, invade or remove my property, but honor the Judge’s decision of due process. Mr. Zuccaro agreed and the case was closed. | During the remainder of my days in the house, Anthony Zuccaro would bait me into conversations disguised as arguments, meanwhile recording them on his cellphone. I quickly reminded him that the case is closed and this style of talk is considered harrassment. Sunday April 12th 2015 Mr. Zuccaro knock at the door and asked me why was I playing “Hardball”. I said nothing. A friend of mines was helping me remove my library. Mr. Zuccaro again tried to bait me in an argument and I said nothing. I left with my friend to her house to unload my belongings and returned 6 hours later to retreive the remainder with a family member. Anthony Zuccaro had locked me out of the home, had opened my door, left my clothing in the dresser draws and removed my Laptop, my Flat panel television and my gaming system. He claimed that he was using it as collateral to recoup the monies I owed. I instantly flew off the handle. I reminded him that what he had done was illegal and he violated a direct order by the Judge. When the Police arrived, I informed them of the matter, as well as the lack of no Warrant by the Sheriff’s department being present. Mr. Zuccaro stated to the police that he called the Sheriff and the Sheriff said that he could remove my belongings on a day that’s not recognized by the state as a business day. 3 Police officers in the middle of a very heated argument, as I’m failing to understand why Anthony Zuccaro wasn’t handcuffed and sitting in the back of the Police car. Back on forth, Anthony Zuccaro stated that I could come back tomorrow to retrieve my property, but I wanted it now. The Officer called his Supervisor, informing him of the situation. His Supervisor sided with me and Mr. Zuccaro had to release my property. With the remainder already packed and outside, I left. Opon returning to my new place, I discovered that over $297.00 was missing from my s****.> | Monday morning, April 13th, 2015, I filed a Formal complaint with the Binghamton Attorney Generals Office and also intend on filing a Lawsuit against Anthony Zuccaro for an Illegal Lockout, Thieft of money, illegal confiscation of Property and forcing an eviction, all of which the Judge informed him was illegal. | Anthony Zuccaro is a Slumlord and will not get off lightly following these major multiple violations. |

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