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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Antonio's Pizza and Grinders at on 30-Jan-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Antonio's Pizza and Grinders
  • Address: 17 Longhill Street, , MA
  • City: Springfield
  • State: Brunei Darussalam
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 413.734.1719
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Antonio's Pizza and Grinders published at on 30-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

On Monday, January 26, 2015, I placed an order through Delivery Express, located in Springfield, MA 413-781-0800 for Antonio’s Grinder and Pizza. It was necessary to go through Delivery Express as Antonio’s uses them for all their deliveries. | I had ordered Fisherman’s Platter, Wing Dings and a Dessert. After my conversation with Delivery Express, we heard of the storm that may hit the Springfield, MA and therefore I called back and placed additional order. I ordered 2 Grilled Chicken Grinders (large size) with cheese, lettuce, onions, and toasted bread and specifically said NO Mayonnaise for both the Grinders. I repeated this 3 times and made sure that there is not going to be any mayonnaise on the Grinders. We have ordered Grinders from other places before and we have always ordered it the same way. | Delivery Express then sends a fax to the restaurant and as Antonio’s Grinder and Pizza prepares it the driver from delivery express heads out to pick up the delivery and give them the money from my order. The first charge on the card was for $43.11 and the next charge was for the Grinders which totaled $21.14 (and this is the one that is currently in dispute). | The Grinders were placed in the refrigerator and the next morning when Adam was getting ready to eat it, he opened one and immediately smelled mayonnaise on it and he opened it and there it was all over the sandwich. So he opened the next one and it was the same. So, immediately I called the restaurant to let them know that the order was wrong and due to weather the restaurant and delivery express were closed. So, I called the Delivery Express the next morning and was told that I needed to call the restaurant, which I did. I spoke to guy and told him the problem and he seemed helpful, and took my information and told me the manager would be coming in, in the afternoon and he would have them call me back. | 7 hours later, and we have not heard back from the restaurant so I called again and spoke with a girl named Talia and she started to say the manager did come in but had already left. I said, I had called and left a message and how come I did not receive a phone call. She then took my information and told me that she would have the manager call me but it would probably be the next morning. So, I told her the issue and she said she would make sure the manager would call me. She also advised me that the manager comes and goes and she or anyone in the restaurant cannot make any decision in regards to the sandwiches. | January 29, I called and spoke with Talia and told her I never got any call back from the manager and she was quite rude and said “well, i spoke to her (i guess the manager) and she said to come in and bring in the Grinders and they would replace it. Now, another dilemma, the reason we ordered the food via delivery is because it would be hard for Adam to get to their location otherwise he would have gone to buy the food himself. | So, she told me that I would need to call Delivery Express and tell them to pick up the Grinder. I called Delivery express and they told me I needed to pay $7.28 for the delivery (the charges are for delivery, tip for the driver and $1 charge on my credit card). So, I hung the phone up with the rep from Delivery Express and called Antonio’s Grinders again and spoke with Talia and she said, she couldn’t make any decision because the manager was not in the office and there is nothing she can do.. (I heard that sentence repeatedly from the guy I first spoke with and Talia). I, then said can you call the manager and have her call me because I do not believe I should have to pay additional for the order they obviously know they screwed up. She said, she would call me back but before we hung up the manager called and she told her what I had said but when she returned to the call, she said, the manager told her that I would have to go pick it up and they will not pay for the delivery. | Of course, I became irate because in good faith I authorized Delivery Express to charge my card for food that I was ordering with the thought in mind that we would get the food we ordered in the way we ordered it. Well, she told me that there was nothing she can do and she couldn’t call the manager back again. She couldn’t give me the manager’s name and phone number because it is not allowed. I told her to call the manager and was even willing to go half and half with the delivery charges. She said, she would but never heard back from her. | I called Delivery Express and told them that I am disputitng the charges on my card because I didn’t get the proper order and that Antonio’s Grinder will not work with me as far as the charges for delivery was concerned. I was told that I should just go pick them up because I am getting “free” sandwiches. I said, I am not getting anything for free because I paid for the food I ordered, Antonio’s messed up the order. He repeatedly tried to tell me that it is a business they are running, and they need to get paid before they pick up the food. I explained to the rep of Delivery Express what their customer goes through and just to inform them of the type of company and people they deal with “Antonio’s Grinders”. | I called back Antonio’s Grinder and I spoke with Gail who was right off down right rude. I was asking for Talia because I did not want to have to explain myself again and she said, “what’s the problem?” in a very rude tone. So, then I explained some details and she then repeated herself over and over that I had to come down and they would replace the Grinders and I told her if there was a way for me to get there I would. I purchased that food for my fiance and he is not well enough to travel otherwise he would go and buy his food himself. She then said, I am not calling Delivery Express cause they want their money before they would do business and I said then call them and tell them they would pay for the delivery and I am sure Delivery Express would honor it since they do a lot of business with them and she said she was not going to do that. I would have to pay for the delivery and they would replace the sandwiches and I don’t even need to show them the sandwiches. | I, then told her that the sandwiches have not been eaten cause we were going to give it back to the driver to take to them and there was no reason for him to eat it because he can’t eat mayonnaise and it could send him to the hospital it was not noticed. She was very abrupt and rude and she started telling me she was not going to send her employees to a private home because it is not their policy, so I said, but your policy is to screw people out of their money since they would not honor a refund. | I asked to speak with the manager and she said I am not calling the manager because she’s on vacation and I said, really? Talia called her earlier and she called back and she said, no she’s out of town and I am not calling her just for this… To that, I told her the kind of people and business they are and hung up the phone. | I spoke to the credit card company and since it is about food delivery, I was told the merchant would have to refund the money back to me, so in other words, I am out of $21.14 and I would not want anything from Antonio’s Grinders and Pizza because I would not trust them. They could spit on the food and I would never know it… | ***Be aware and do not order food for these people as they screw up orders but expect you to fork out more money for their screw up. The manager doesn’t call. The people who work there can’t make decisions and they are very unprofessional and rude! | Thank you. |

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