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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anu Mahtani at on 27-Sep-14.


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Original Complaint against Anu Mahtani published at on 27-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

WARNING: READ CAREFULLY AS THIS WOMAN IS VERY DANGEROUS | I am spell caster based in London, and work privately for many clients. I do white magic, not black magic. Anu Mahtani came to me some time ago saying that she had been dating a man called Sanjay Hinduja and that she caught him having sex with another man. She said she had been doing black magic on Sanjay for many years as she wanted to marry him but the problem was that he just wouldn’t repsond and propose, so she wanted to try me out. She explained that she had a grown up son, but hid him publicly as she wanted Sanjay to feel he was marrying a young wife with no luggage. She also asked me to do a spell where Sanjay’s family would accept the fact that she was divorced and draw a blind eye to her son whom she had kept in boarding school, as her mission from the start was to be with Sanjay. | I said that was fine and started working on him and his family, which I now regret. After a few months she came back saying that it had worked and he had proposed. I thought that would be the end of it. But then she asked if I could do a spell after they got married so that he will fall seriously ill. I was shocked to hear this as I knew that him being gay was an issue she wanted to put up with it as he is very rich, but to make him seriously ill after marriage was something I could not do….. | She got very angry and said that she would cause trouble for me as she was very wealthy and connected. I asked her to leave and since have not heard from her. | Last week, a tall man came to see me threatening me that if I ever spoke to anyone about Anu, I would get beaten up. I was told that she had wedding coming up and that as they were famous, any sort of info about what she is doing would expose her and ruin her plans. I have been so upset that she can think for one second that her black magic and threats will scare me, she has another thing coming. | | For anyone who knows her, anyone who feels the following after in coming in contact with her, be assured she has done something to you and that you will need help, as Anu seems to want to get rid of anyone who comes in her way of having society status and more money. If you ever feel: | – depressed | – invisible to people | – anger or have fights with friends/family | – sick | – unpopular | – loose your partner, job, or anyone close to you | Then trust me, she has had her spell caster(s) onto you. | Please, do not take this message as a hater or anyone who is close to her, take it as a professional who knows what she does, and as a spiritualist who works with Light. I feel she was sent to me so that I can expose her for your own safety. | Love and Light to anyone who reads this, as you were meant to. | God bless you.

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