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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anytime Fitness, LLC at on 15-Jun-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Anytime Fitness, LLC
  • Address: 12181 Margo Avenue S
  • City: Hastings
  • State: Minnesota
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 888-827-9262
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Anytime Fitness, LLC published at on 15-Jun-15 says, verbatim –

| When I first arrived to the gym it was lovely. Simple, neat, and everyone was very nice and respectful…uhm very nice to get your MONEY! I am now 7 months pregnant and hand not been to the gym due to illness and symtoms with my pregnancy. I called to cancel my subscription because my spouse and I were moving out of the area and there are no Anytime Fitness in our new location. Being proactive I emailed the company explaining I would cancelling my contract based on when my moving out in January 2013. They wrote back via email at the time, and stated I could not, cancel on the internet, it had to be in writting. | I wrote the company wishing to cancel via letter, and then I was then called by the representative stating…”oh you have to physically come in, and cancel we dont take written requests.” although it is on the contract that they do? Also the wrong dates were on the contract, and I was told I couldn’t cancel until April 2013 for an 18 month contract, this was back in March. | The contract clearly states you can submit your cancellation in writing if your are more then 20 miles away from any Anytime Fitness center, or moving with documentation. | So we just waited for the contract to expire, and we called in April 2013 the month it was ending to make sure we would not be charged additional monthly fee. This month in May after the contract was expired, they charged our account $59.00. I finally drove out of my way to the location hoping someone would be there. When I spoke to the manager she was more upset than helpful. She stated we dont handle any cancellations over the internet, or in writing and this single sheet of paper wish looke more like a customer suvery, must be filled out for cancellation in person at this location only, and that the cancellation will take an additional 30 days before your account is no longer charged. | We weren’t provided any additional information on cancellationoutside of the standard corportate contract given to us at the time of signing. So you guessed it…I will get charged another $59.00 next month! So I asked her to pull my orginial contract for her to read there own policy, and the errors on the contract dates, and asked could I get the number to the corporate office about this policy, and she stated “Oh you can just go on the internet and get it…I dont have their number and I am not pulling your information right now?! | ARE SERIOUS!!!! It’s funny that with all this technology such as fax, email, scanning, or standard postal mail, Anytime Fitness does not participate in such uses for its customers to cancel or communicate with them beyond a phone call to the center (which they dont answer) or physically driving to the center to talk to someone (who may not be there). You are better off at any other gym than Anytime with its cancellation policies, lack of customer service availablity and medicore administrative techologies to service its customers! | I will be taking this to court! As a business owner Franchise or Founded, you should treat your customers this way. I won’t be joining another gym with expensive lengthy contracts, poor customer service, and illegal cancellation policies. I would rather do P90X, atleast you know how much it costs and can get a money back guaruantee if you cancel the program within the policy requirements. If you must go to a gym do you get a no contract pay as you go like Snap Fitness, or Planet Fitness! SAVE YOUR SELF A HEADACHE!

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