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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Anywhere Moving & Storage Inc at on 21-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Anywhere Moving & Storage Inc
  • Address: 8230 Austin Ave #C
  • City: Morton Grove
  • State: Benin
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (877) 489-0905
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Anywhere Moving & Storage Inc published at on 21-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

I got relocated with my job, i hired movers, they made lots of promises they never kept. i hired anywhere movers. after i tried to get a truck myself but i would not be able to tow my own car . i was quoted a price, seemed reasonable. was told by Marco the man on the phone that this price would not go up or down over $300.00 i gave him a list of my belongings i wanted moved, along with the box count. he told me someone would come by the weekend b4 to make sure , no one showed, but on the day of the move, the guys came late,.they took my things charged me over $1200.00 more and i had to give away things that were listed, or it would have been double the price. i did not go over on my box count, so how was i charged more? well i had no choice at this point but to pay them. Marco had originally told me the movers would meet me there on the day i requested. but the guy that came said they had 21 days after that, .. he also told me i would get an email when my things were leaving illinois. after arriving to seattle i called the company spoke to brian, he told me he would check about when it was leaving and get back to me,. he never did,.. the following friday i get a text message from someone with a new your number. saying my things would be delivered the next day. Satrurday. ok great. i text him back said ty and sure. i called him many times saturday he ne ver answered .. i text him saturday he never responded.i got a text message about 1130pm sat night saying eta 115pm sunday. ok i wait all day sunday. nothing.. no calls answered no text msgs answered,. monday i go into work. i call the guy from my work phone, i told him i would be home approx 4pm, he said great he would meet me there. again no call no show, no answered calls or texts,, monday night i text saying i will be at work tomorrow and will be home by 4pm. do you know. i get a call at 9am saying we r hear we r charging you while we wait. you need to be here within one hour or your things will be taken. and you will be chaged more. i called the office in moprton grove. brian a manager .. he said he would straighten it out. i wait 1/2 hour call him back. he says hes is working on it. well joanne from their disp[atch calles me. yelling screaming. either i get ther now or my things are gone. i called back to brian, he is at lunch ,.,. really? then i get a text from the driver a picture of a truck leaving my apt saying say bye bye to your hour later a man from anywhere calls me yells at me and hangs up on me. then b4 i leave work for the day i get a call from a nice man. he says hes one of the movers, will i be there at 4, i told him yes, he said do you have the balence due, i told him yes. iot was a trick.. they never came .. now i get threatening emails saying my things will b auctioned. i called washington dc. the government. they told me get an attorney. i mean really? how much does a move cost? an attorny now? well i have been here in seattle for month i still dont have my things, i have paid theu the nose for them too. and i cant get any help from anyone.. what really can i do. itr was all i had.. i dont have any more money to do anything else, i now live in an empty apt in seattle where i know no one..

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