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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against APH Stone Solutions at Scamity.com on 02-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: APH Stone Solutions
  • Address: 8505 E. Adamo Dr
  • City: Tampa
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8137893333
  • Website:


Original Complaint against APH Stone Solutions published at Scamity.com on 02-May-14 says, verbatim –

I hired this company to install granite counter tops in my kitchen baths and open areas i picked out the granite i like and they told me needed to pay 3/4 of the job up front to which i did. then they scheduled installation of my project for the 18th of april between 8-10 am a friday she told me it was a big job and it would take all day .. i called the wednesday before to make sure they were all set to come to my home i spoke with the owner Alcides and told him i was going to install the new vanities the night before so making sure you were coming. he said yes see you friday. friday morning comes the plumber i hired to disconnect the bath sinks showed up put all new shut offs on and proceeded to prepare for for the new top and kitchen counters. 10 am rolls around and i call the office and talk with christine the girl managing the office she told me the were running behind and would be there by 11am, that time came and went called agian she said they were headed to the office from plam harbor to load the trailer and head my way be there soon …plumber still waiting no show its 2pm called office no answer called owners cell phone no answer called office several times more no answer 3pm called office from another phone number they answered eric this time said yes they were there loading the truck it was raining leaving in ten minutes i explained that i have had a plumber waiting there all day they said we are comin i said christine said it would take all day to install my job where are you replied leaving now ..5pm i told the plumber to leave he billed me for the time he waited ..7pm they knock at my door and tell me they are there to drop off my granite and will be back on monday to install but they needed the rest of the money first i replied that i am not going to pay for something you have not installed yet the man told me then he had to take the granite back to the office 2 hrs away from my house mind you …i called saturday no answer sunday no answer monday no answer all this time there voice mail is full called owner nothing wednesday comes now 6 days no sinks no way to cook or clean or for my kids to wash up or brush teeth. get ahold of the owner he ststes that he will not install my kitchen unless i pay up front i told him that is crazy i already paid almost 6000 up front he said that he had 72 hours once i paid to instll the granite i told him it says that no where on your paperwork he told the office girl told me that i disagreed he ststed i have the granite cut and ready to install if you want to handle it , i said when he said friday before 11 but you have to pay first i agreed they showed up at 230 pm collected the check and began work there supervisor came to my home to pick up the check and leave the installers worked until 8pm then told me they would be back in the morning saturday 9 days no sinks saturday comes the installer tell me they are sending him somewhere else i call the office christine tells me that the installer said i said it was ok that they come in the afternoon i told no i did not she said the will be there in the afternoon needlees to say the phone chasing continued that day unitl dark and no show no call again ..sunday nothing monday i call she agian tells me call installer he make his schedule. ido that he said i promise i will have you done today ,,,nothing tuesday nobdy is answering me this is so unprofessional ..now mind you that the job they have done is one complete bathroom but didnt drill the holes to install faucets so guess what ….no sinks no water no calls no answer please do not use this company i have invest 8000 + and have nothing to show for it except a bad taste in my mouth do not do business with them after i post this my next emial is to the news and a call to my attorney |

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