Apohair Lucia, Hanoi, Vietnam Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Apohair Lucia, Hanoi, Vietnam at Scamity.com on 25-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Apohair Lucia, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Address: Floor 3 – No A11D6 – 58 Tran Thai Tong
  • City: Cau Giay
  • State:
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • Phone: 844-3999-5046
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Apohair Lucia, Hanoi, Vietnam published at Scamity.com on 25-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Their customer service is non existent. Once they take your money you will be just stuck with FAKE hair. I wish someone could have warned me, ORDER OVER 1 KILO/10 PACKS OF poor quality, processed, Non Virgin, Mixed Synthetic Hair! THE HAIR TANGLES , SHEDS AND FEELS LIKE A WASH CLOTH WHEN WET, I ASK MANY TIMES IS THE HAIR UNPROCESSED VIRGIN HAIR AND WS TOLD YES, I ASK CAN IT BE BLEACH TO 613 HE SAID YES, THAT WAS A LIE, THE HAIR CAN ONLY BLEACH TO DIRTY BLONDE #27 BECAUSE IT IS PERMED PROCESSED JUST LIKE CHINESE HAIR, BUT I ALSO BOUGHT CHINESE HAIR SAME TIME AND THE CHINESE HAIR TOOK COLOR THEN THIS CHEAP HAIR THAT COST SO MUCH MORE, IT SUPPOSE TO BE DOUBLE DRAWN, SUPER DOUBLE DRAWN BULLCHIT, STILL HAVE MANY SHORT HAIR AND THIN ENDS SO DONT BE FOOLED! | This hair is processed hair,feels like a wash cloth when its wet,after bleaching it is dry,bristle,un-like unprocessed virgin remy human hair is suppose to act and feel. even Chinese hair is better then this hair.the hair can only be bleached to dirty blonde #27,just like Chinese processed hair,except the Chinese hair is really human hair.i purchased over 1 kilo/10 packs.i told the supplier i needed it to be 100 percent of processed virgin hair so that i can bleach it for number 613 for my client who wanted a hot pink look for summer,that plan was ruined by the horrible cheap processed hair i was sent, THE HAIR TANGLES AND SHEDS,AND HAVE LONG UGLY BEARDS AND IS UNPROFESSIONALLY SEWN,IS NOT FIT FOR LUXURY CLIENTS. After i contacted the seller he said “i don’t care!”.HOW RUDE,AS IF MY BUSINESS DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING,He also confirmed after the fact that the wavy hair that i purchased was in fact processed,as i figured out once i was coloring it. Now I have a rip-off as a result of the horrible hair,my point is you can get cheaper hair in china of better quality.At this point i think they send the good quality for the sample after that its pure bull chit!!!!!! I LOST MY CLIENT MY MONEY GOT RIP-OFF REVIEW ALL BECAUSE OF THESE LAIRS ,BUYERS BE WARE YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. | THIS SUPPLIER COST ME BUSI ESS CLIENTS AND LOST OF MONEY, SO I AM TELL YOU SO YOU DONT END UP SAME WAY…. I WILL BE WRITING ONE FOR EACH HAIR I BOUGHT FROM THEM! THEY ARE SCAMMERS! CHEATERS, JUST MONEY HUNGRY AND HE HAD THE NERVE TO SAY HE DONT CARE! | THE HAIR IS NATURALLY COURSE, I FEEL THEY ARE BLENDING IT WITH CAMBODIAN COURSE TEXTURE HAIR WHEN THEY FEEL THEY SENDING IT TO AFRO PEOPLE AND SEND THE GOOD QUALITY TO OTHER RACE, DAM RACIST BASTARD! ITS MANY OF THEM SELLING THE SAME QUALITY HAIR , THEY ARE ONLY SALE PEOPLE THEY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT HAIR OR WHAT THE FACTORY SENDING PEOPLE, JUST PUPPETS! | THEY WONT ACCEPT RETURNS, DONT BUY FROM THEM HAIR LOOK PRETTY BUT THEY PROCESSED THEIR WAVY AND CURLY FOR SURE!, SO YOUR BEST BET MIGHT BE STRAIGHT, BUT FOR HOW HE ACT TO ME A REGULAR BUYER, YOU CAN FIND ANOTHER SUPPLIER WHO MAY BE MORE HONEST… | If you want Virgin hair….You will not get that here. You will be lucky if its 100% Human!

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