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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AppBury at on 22-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: AppBury
  • Address: 101 California St Ste 2710
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8772975243
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AppBury published at on 22-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

What happened? | I have paid over 17000$ and still didn’t recieve what is stated in the contract after 6 month, even though the term of delivery was 8 to 12 weeks | I have contacted Appbury to get a mobile application and website developed (design and logo included). Based on the first estimation, it was expected to get 12 to 16 weeks. Then reduced to max 12 weeks. | I had to pay around 8500 $ to start the project, and than another 9450$ to pay for the design which was not complete as I didn’t get the logo or the website design still. | The project manager has been delivering incomplete and not working application. Over 4 deliveries of application with the same errors. One of the errors was sending me to a website for what appears to be a thrid party (innoma). So after confronting the manager it seems that the application is not developed in the US but in Pakistan and Armenia. | Now I am over 2 month late, and 17000$ short and nothing at hand. | I refrained from asking a refund, but I will ask for it today. | – Service has been very bad | – Sales practices not ethical as I had been lied to about the location of development | – Appbury barely respond to mails delivered to sales (actually they never reply). | – No support what so ever. | – Sale guy has an Involvesocial mail (probably also another layer of subcontracting) | My investigation after the payments (very bad thing on my side): | Appbury promotes application they did not build themselves. Also they use fake names and fake linkedin and facebook profiles. | Mr Kevin Reid (the main contact with whom I established contact) states that he works on his Facebook page to | | This is the response from owner: | “”This is Cosmin Lukacs, the admin/founder | In relation to Kevin Reid, no he does not work for me in any ways | Is there anything else i can help/assist you with ?”” | Also, the company that created the Application iScope, have clearly stated that they did their own development of the application and Appbury didn’t create it neither website. | “”iScope Support replied: | Hi, | iScope was designed and developed by ourselves. The websites you mention are using our images and information illegaly (We are currently taking legal actions towards them). | So we strongly recommend you not to work with them. | Thank you very much for giving us this important information. | Kind Regards, | iScope’s Team “” | I kept screenshots as they will most likely remove applications I actually uncovered as not being made by them | The Ring: | Appbury seems to be linked to a fraudulent network of Websites: | – | – | – | – | All these websites use the same principle of promoting in their portfolio much work which is NOT theirs. | All those websites seem to be linked to the same persons (mainly run by CEO of Appbury, Salman Ghaznavi CEO and Usman Anis)Also, part of the fraud is to use fake names by their Sales representative. The names provided are Anglecized and are not the real names of the person I dealt with. | So for example Mathew Goldman is actually a fake name for Hakim Sadik ) the main head of all those fraudulent websites) | What Appbury tried to do! | Appbury contacted me through a supposed Mr Mathew Goldman stating that they will take legal action against Involvesocial | This supposed Mr Mathew was also waiting for a response from me, which I did. | When I replied, the mail never got delivered to his mail box as the mail does not exist. | After doing some research on the mail’s origins, it ended up being a certain Mr Hakim Sadim ([email protected]) who actually sent it, spoofing his email address and trying to fool me as if Appbury was genuinely concerned. | If you look at Mr Hakim Sadik’s linkedin profile, you will see that he is the actual creator with Mr Salman Ghaznavi and Mr Usman Anis of Appbury AND Involvesocial (as well as other fraudulent websites). | Result: | Most likely I will not get my money back, but I want to take down that Ring as they are sending my money to Pakistan, probably not just to outsource the coding. |

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