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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Apple at on 31-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Apple
  • Address: 1 Infinite Loop
  • City: Cupertino
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 14089961010
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Apple published at on 31-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

Bought an iphone 6 that shipped defective and received on September 19th. By the end of September, noticed the battery life was horrible. Called the Apple Customer ‘Care’ line and got a huge runaround. I was told everything from we can do an immediate return but we’ll have to place a $650 hold on your credit card, you can go to a store or you can go without a phone for 3-5 BUSINESS days while we ‘fix’ the phone. Fix?!!! Its a brand NEW phone. Brand NEW technology. It was just released on the day I got it! | October 6, spent 6 hours on the phone with Apple and went through same chuck and jive BS on the phone. All the options — which don’t work because | A) I am not placing a hold on a credit card for that amount for a phone that SHIPPED defective. | B) I live four (4) hours ROUNDTRIP from the nearest Apple store — and that does not include 2 hours at their genius bar and the gas to get there and back plus the TOLLS to get there. | C) Go without a phone for 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS? | Now please bear in mind, I own an iMac, MacBook Pro, ipad, four iphones, 3 ipods – one the big one, two nanos, an Airport Express (2 of those) and an Airport Extreme — plus iBook and a G4. All of which were registered with Apple Care throughout the years I have been buying from this company. Yet, they would rather lose this customer rather than fix this problem in an expedient manner without a lot of unnecessary travel and expense on my part. | October 30 – spend another 2 hours on the phone to set up the third option; where upon the Manager kept asking me – “Do you want me to set up this ‘repair?’ Yes, you read that right – repair. Not a new phone to replace it. They are going to try to whip a dead horse and resurrect this phone from the dead. Mind you, as I am talking to them, I had the phone die, charged p and then during the last 10 minutes of the call the phone battery went from 100% to 88% – yes, in TEN MINUTES. | Apple died with Steve Jobs. Don’t bother buying them. You would be no better off trying to navigate the straits with any other cellphone manufacturer. Apple USED to have superior customer service – one of the main reasons I have been more than willing to pay their exorbinate prices for their products – which is well above all the other companies offering phones, mp3 players and computers. But now, there’s no reason to continue paying the big prices because big customer service is GONE. | RIP Apple. I guess now we’re in for the ‘death rattle’ of a once exceptional company. | Side note: I have been complaining as well about their inability to reject calls on their OS7 and OS8 – while you send the call to voicemail, the calling waiting (annoying) beep continues until it goes through it’s process as if you never pushed the reject option. Sloppy. If Steve Jobs had been alive when those two OS updates had occurred, the OS would never have rolled out with that ‘glitch’ they never fix. Once again. Apple is NOT worth the escalated price anymore.

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