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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AppleOne, Inc. at on 01-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: AppleOne, Inc.
  • Address: 6100 Blue Lagoon Drive Ste. 180
  • City: Miami
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (800) 564-5644
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AppleOne, Inc. published at on 01-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

This report is to complain upon not just one temp but most of them. From Appleone, to Partners professional out of Ohio, Manpower, Aerotek which are being sued by a consumer and among many many others who have put our lives in jeopordy and misfortune due to their lack of competency. Many things are involved when running a temp office, and I commend those people and owners who have been involved and done what they was suppose to do to help make the company successful and others. | However, I have noticed a strange pattern when it comes to temp agencies and their clients. Just read the recent Post…. | Temp recruiters will tell you, hey we have a job for you we need you to interview on any given day and when you do they want you to start right away no matter what else you have going on in your life. They would go as far as, you will have to leave your current employer or something to that matter. Don’t trust them. Once you leave and give notice or not, and start the new job, there is not a guanrantee you will be placed even if they say, its temp to perm, or that you have 90 days to go perm. Some clients who work with temps tell you one thing in the interview then by the time you start work, things are different and the temp agency dont even know whats going on most times. Ex. Oh we train people iike a week, but to someone else they say, oh we train you 1 month. Once you start you train 1 day and start immediately, therefore any errors made your responsible for. Companies who work with temp agencies like this don’t care about you, your feelings, just their budget and pockets. They’ll pay you low and say once perm you’ll get this or that but without having something in writing dont take there word for it. I get calls from young people all the time who fall for this trap.Don’t be a victim of circumstance. You could apply for these same clients although it may take longer to succeed at landing a job or career its never a waste of time when your doing it yourself. Cients and companies are trying to save money, payroll etc. and Recruits come and go they never really stay with one or the other. I had one call me for Suntrust, I just let them talk, but when I sent an email a year later as to how’s business, that person was gone. | I recommend some companies to avoid, especially if there using a particular temp agency, Global how could you pay some people at $9 an hr when the min wage is going up by next year to $10/ Get on board with the GAP please. Have you noticed that when companies use temp agaencies, they often dont communicate with them as they should. I had that happen, interviewed with no START date…loss of paperwork important paperwork that you have sent to the agency and they lost it but will not admit to it…How many times have you heard that oh, we have work for you, Ive been trying to reach you. When they do, come to my office to meet…fill out paperwork, take a test. Lets update your resume, I will call you, no follow ups, or they wont even answer their phone. You hear every excuse you could think of. Once I applied for a tax firm and because I kept following up the recruit sent me an immediately email that I wasnt selected. Or the time I interviewed for a position in sales and the recruit says, dont forget to let me know how it went. After speaking on how it went or how I thought it went, the recruit feed through my comments and she decided not to extend an offer based on what i had said, like the client asked me would i stay long term, I said yes, and what position would i want after going perm, sales director. Once the temp found out she had a fit and sent me an immediate email not chosen. This was with Randstad. Another company, who is not a temp is Macys. Oh yes, whoever is working there approval ratings for Management need to be replaced. I conacted this worman once for a Sup pos via email after I had interviewed as a follow up as soon as I did, she sent me an immeditate email, not chosen….boy they love doing that. I own a career network company on the market, which Im making a non profit awareness firm and some of these people are unreal on how they treat others. | So to avoid some clients who work with temp agencies and often switch them, change agencies when there not satisfied, many clients use temps for seasonal /contract work which is suitable in that case but for a more temp to perm position watch out… ASSURANT 11-14 pay an hr often extends temp to perm opportunies for a longer length of time, pay may increase to 17 an hr if you like call center and QA for third party clients. SAFEGUARD 12 pay now perm 15 if you make it through their 1 day to 1 week of training on site and then throw you on the floor, ALEGORA in Kennesaw, GA (however their spelled changed there name so many times its senseless, this co has been sued and loss, there a third party co for verizon/att etc dont fall for it, H.DAVIDSON, AMAZON, QUAD/GRAPHICS,CCHSFS once had kelly services as their agency and changed to the worst one up to date, Aeortek who are being sued by an individual. Delta DGS is selective a temp service only for Delta, once perm working for Delta the perm people that been there for years will try to boot you out!! Remember it may not pay to work for a temp more than 3 months because if you know or feel something isnt right its not right go with your gut and find work on your own. I once worked 1 yr temp then got perm due to poor management. I hear that agencies have made up employment for this country by the thousands but the small percentile has not and someone has to speak on it. |

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