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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Appliance Connection at on 20-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Appliance Connection
  • Address: 40404 Foster Ave, Section A
  • City: Brooklyn
  • State: Chile
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 800-299-9470
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Appliance Connection published at on 20-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

I ordered a Signature Design by Ashley D34532124 Alyssa Counter Height Table with (4) 24″ Stools, Bronze Metal, Inlaid Veneer, Server Top and Base in Dark Brown, on July 26, 2014 at 3:12 pm from Appliance Connections website I receive may email that the order was accepted for a counter height table with (4) 24″ barstools. The order was changed sometime after I placed my online order and before I received the delivery of only the table on 8/18/14. Appliance Connection did not notify me of the order change and allowed the table to be shipped to me on August 18, 2014 without (4) 24″ bar stools that were part of my original order I placed. I called the customer service and spoke to Ashley and Mr., Calvin Pittman to inquire about my order and when will I received my 4 24″ barstools. I was told that I could purchase the chairs at a discount if I still wanted them. However, no price was given for (4) barstools. Only double talk and the run around. Calvin advised me to stop smacking (eating) in his ear; which, I was not doing. Their phone system has bad static on the line. I advised Calvin that this was false advertising and fraud. Calvin advised that this was unfortunate situation but their policy allows them to change customers purchases whenever. Calvin Pitman advised me to have my lawyer to contact them because he was not going honor my original order placed. Calvin also advised that he would sale me the (4) 24” bar stools at a discount but no discount process was advised. I told Calvin Pitman that I want what I originally ordered; which included a counter height table and (4) 24” bar stools. Then Calvin offered to discount the table $50.00 dollars to forget about the chairs. I asked why ship the order if you knew you were not going to honor it in the first place. I asked why they (Appliance Connection) did not call me or email me once they realized that they were not going to ship the (4) 24″ barstools. I called them a couple of times prior to the order shipping and was never was advised that the order was changed to only ship the table. Mr. Calvin Pittman advised that this was unfortunate situation but there policy is they can changes orders at will, as they deem necessary. | I believe that they posted a False/Fraudulent advertisement, and loss leader to entice consumers to purchaser a product they have no intention to honor and fill the customer’s original order. This is nothing more than a bait and switch strategy to extorted more money from the consumer for the same product they listed at a lower price. They still sale this product a table and (4) 24″ bar stools for a much higher price, $300.00 more then what I paid for it. They also changed the pricing on their website for this product that allows you to purchase just the table or just the chairs or the set, which includes the table and (4) barstools. When I order the dinette set the price was not broken down as it is now on the website. When I purchased (7/26/14) the dinette set the price was not broken down in component but as a set that included the counter height table and (4) 24” bar stools. I cannot stress that this company should honor my original purchase of a counter height table and (4) 24″ barstools for the $365.00 with free shipping. Application Connection never notified me or offered some other options regarding this order until I contacted them because the order partially shipped. Now, if I cancelled thee order they would have penalized me with a restocking fee, which would be wrong on so many levels. I finally discontinued the conversation with the customer service rep Calvin Pitman; because he advised that, this was a misfortune. I told Calvin Pitman that I followed their instruction while the shipping guys were here and they opened the box to ensure that table & chairs were not damaged; however, they did not ship any chairs. I advised Calvin Pitman that in order to ship this product back it needs to be re-package and Calvin Pitman advised that the shippers would re-pack. I think this was another lie and that they would credit my account minus the shipping cost or restocking fee if I agree to it. | Appliance Connection has provided to be and unreliable, non-reputable organization that continues to advertise false promotions on their website. In searching the BBB website, I notice that there are several complaints against this organization for similar incidents. I wish I would have check first before I purchased from anything from them. I know now not to do any future business with this company. Nann, Atlanta,Georgia |

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