Aqua Finance, Inc. Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Aqua Finance, Inc. at on 06-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Aqua Finance, Inc.
  • Address: One Corporate Drive Suite 300
  • City: Wausau
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 888 676 8638
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Aqua Finance, Inc. published at on 06-May-15 says, verbatim –

My self and my family have been harassed by Aqua finance , Financial systems Green Bay , and there investors for the last 4yrs. We entered into a contract with Aqua finance 10yrs ago and there felony harassment started 4yrs ago. If there sales person who came to our home and covinced us to buy there product had told us that if we don’t uphold the contract they could put a lien on our home. At that time money was tight and we got behind in our payments. The system stopped working 7yrs ago. Aqua finance sued us in court for non payment and we were never properly notified. 4yrs ago in january we started noticing that we were being followed. | I ignored it because we don’t have any issues with anybody , that’s what we thought at first . We are just hard working ,tax paying Americans! We would literally have people following us around stores and taking notes on our everyday routines. It wasn’t unil there stooges ( agents ) that’s what we call them , started threathening us with violence . That’s when we realized what was going on. The lien that they had put on our home states , Agua finance can retrieve the money that we owe them only if we give it to them , we sell our home and or our home is foreclosed on. | In my opinion and it’s very obvious that Aqua finance had alternative plans the entire time. Aqua finance approached us when we first moved into our home and even threw in a washer dryer to help seal the deal. Aqua finance was playing the odds , that we were not going to able to stay in our home and when Aqua finance came to the realization that we weren’t going anywhere , that’s when they started there felony harassment . Aqua finance wanted our property the entire time. Aqua finance threw there investing developement companies are buying up properties in our area and renting those same properties back out for out rages prices and our property is on there list. We keep having companies send us offers to buy our home , because in my opinion they can’t intimidate us into leavng our home. | These companies have been trying to scare , they harass through our creditors , through our finances , and our through our small business. Aqua finance have placed there stooges in key positions within our everyday lives to harass us. We have been sending complaint updates to the TX AGO for 4yrs. For the last 2yrs we have been seeing improvements ,so we can say a well placed complaint sent to the right dept can yield results! Today 5 – 5 – 15 we went on Aqua’s rip off web site and seen were Aqua finance has had almost 2 million complaints against them and there investors.We have been fighting Aqua finance for 4yrs and it’s time to end there harassment. | Aqua finance is felony harassing hard working people whenever they feel like it and this needs to stop! What they are conducting is organized crime . These companies are committing major felonies , extortion , felony stalking , theft , and even assault. If all the victims of there harassment stand together and tell our stories when the time comes we can bring Aqua and there investors to justice. Let’s show them that nobody is above the law , no matter how much money and influence they might have! Eventually our case will end up in court and if you want your harassment case heard please forward us your contact info to . We will email all the necessary details ,at the appropriate time to all those who want justice. Were looking foward to hearing from everyone. |

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