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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Aquapro Systems at on 22-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Aquapro Systems
  • Address: 194 Hempt Road
  • City: Mechanicsburg
  • State: Costa Rica
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8002247476
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Aquapro Systems published at on 22-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

At the time we purchased the aquapro system we were newly married and had just the previous month bought our first home all while exspecting out first child. We purchased the system 1 year ago the man and the trainee we both very nice and very manipulating. He told us the system would do amazing things for us since we were expecting a child soon. | He’s asked if we wanted our new born drinking and baithing in dirty water…. Ahh we’ll no! He then said they system in all cost $6,000 and payments of $173, but sinice my husband is active duty army we would get the system for $5,000 and payments of $98 plus A lifetime supply of coupons for everyday items, a year supply of cleaning products and if we referred someone and they also purchased the system then we would get a a full set of stainless steel cookware the cleanerConard coupons were crap, in order to get them you had to pay. | The day we got it the salesman told us we had 30 days to return it. A week after it being installed I find a weird pink gooy residue in all the sinks toilets and bathtubs, of coruse I clean everything, a week later the same thing happens well now it’s been a year and its still happening. I called after 2 weeks of this pink crap showing up to return the systehe the only thing they can go is give us the elite system and can’t refund us. I went on to explain we don’t want a different one we just want it phone and get a refund …. He hangs up. | I contacted BBB file a report he then decides to reply and say I told him we couldn’t afford it. Since the comtried responded and tried tfigure us a different one BBB couldn’t help. Are you freaking stupid? Yes, my husband is military but I also have a job making just as much as he does, we CAN afford it but why one earth would we pay $100 a month for something that doesn’t even work? Come to find out two weeks after we got the system we received a bill that was $5,000 through some random/small finance company …. | Here’s the gamesome part…. Out interest rate is %22. I just received the bill for August 2013 it say as we have paid $100 towards the system its self the rest is all interest (remember we pay $98 a month) July we owed $4,812 right now we owe $4,810… That a $2 difference at the bottom off the statement it says we will pay this system off in 87 month paying 5,000 in principle and $4,753.50 in interest… These people are a complete ripoff I’ve sent pictures of that the product does to our home I’ve even gone as far as calling our water company to come out and them tell us we have verve very low hard water (completely off from what the salesman told us) and to have our water company say if we keep it it will eventually do major damage! This main is a joke! Considering the company won’t even come out and unhook it, I would love for Dave Rishell to have this installed in his home for a month just to see the bs we go through.

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