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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Aquas Holdings LLC at on 31-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Aquas Holdings LLC
  • Address:
  • City: Orlando
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (407) 488-1858
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Aquas Holdings LLC published at on 31-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

I am a independent consultant that overseas and invest my network of clients funds into proven program for a stream of revenue. I have dealt with Mr. Benford for nearly 8 months now. And When he presented an investment strategy to me with a quick turn around time it sounded like a sure thing. After seeing how safe it was we move forward with my client funds. The agreement documents from Mr. Robert Lyles of Aquas Holding LLC/New Vision Ventures were forwarded, signed and the $2,000 was bank wired to invest on my clients behalf. | This transaction, according to our agreement back in June 2014, was suppose to last only 7 days. My clients $2,000 was suppose to return a 100% return including the initial investment of $4,000. 7 days goes by and I asked Mr. Benford about the status of the funds. He responds that Mr. Robert Lyles needed more time as there was a delay. The client was fine with this as she understood this happens in business. | Another week goes by still nothing. I contact Mr. Benford to ask him what is going on he states Mr. Lyles needed more time. Mr. Lyles tells us he will give the client an extra $500-$1,000 for the delay. With that being said, we allowed another week that he needed. After we asked for the return of investment we agreed to. Mr. Lyles tells Mr. Benford that there was a delay and we needed to wait an additional 30 DAYS to get our funds back!! We suggested to just forfit and asked for the clients funds back. Mr. Lyles say he can’t do anything about it. He had the clients funds and REFUSED to give it back. I let Mr. Benford know to tell Robert Lyles to give the funds back or we would file a small claims lawsuit. His response was very non chalant as he could careless as to our threat and recommended us to wait. | This 7 day investment was in June 2014 and as I write this it is October 30th 2014. I contacted Mr. Benford to ask what is the status of this transaction. He reached out to Mr. Robert Lyles and let me know he hasn’t heard from him at all today or has he had any response from Mr. Lyles in 1.5-2 months. He won’t return Phone calls or emails. And because of this. I am forced to take action against this. As I represent my client and my name is on the line because of Mr. Robert Lyles has pulled a scam on my client. He took the funds that were supposed to be used for a leased equipment which was a complete LIE. | I’ve done my own research on Mr. Lyles and apparently this is what he does to many people. He promise them high returns and drags the victims funds out to the point they dont care about the funds he took. Ultimately the client would eventually give up and count it as a loss. But in this case I will NOT rest until the clients funds are RETURNED!! | It was also brought to my attention by two gentlemen associated with Mr. Benford by the names of Todd Smith and Art Bilton. I was informed that Mr. Robert Lyles never had ANY REAL investment strategies. His entire “water project” was a way for people to get suckered into believing he had relationships with bankers and trading groups. His “water projects” were really him putting purified water bottles in vending machines!! After this was informed to me. We immediately asked for our funds back. Mr. Lyles refused to send it back and we haven’t heard from him since!! | I have asked Mr. Benford to keep his conversations via email with Mr. Robert Lyles as proof of our transaction and his refusal to return the invested funds. He was suppose to use the funds for leased equipment but turned out he invested it into a currency trading Iraqi Dinar and lost the clients funds!! | MY BEST ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN!!! HE WILL PROMISE YOU THE WORLD AND CAN’T EVEN GIVE YOU A PILE OF DIRT!!! STAY AWAY FROM MR. ROBERT LYLES OF AQUAS HOLDINGS LLC/NEW VISION VENTURES IN ORLANDO FLORIDA. HOPEFULLY THIS WILL GET HIS ATTENTION TO KNOW WE AREN’T PLAYING GAMES!!!

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