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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ARA Inc. at on 22-Mar-17.


Business Details –

  • Name: ARA Inc.
  • Address: P O Box 5002
  • City: Villa Park
  • State: Illinois
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 888-315-1550
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ARA Inc. published at on 22-Mar-17 says, verbatim –

received the message below from a voicemail call that was transferred to my email yesterday morning: | Hello Susan it is imperative that you speak with Tammy Bloomberg regarding your case. I L3159319. My number is toll free 1-888-686-9475. My extension is 3049. You must contact my office immediately. | When I returned Tammy's call yesterday, she informed me that I owed Master Card $14,000 and had to pay it immediately or they would cancel my credit cards and close my bank accounts. When I started laughing at her, Tammy said that they would be issuing a warrant for my arrest, also, which only induced more laughter on my part since I knew immediately it was some kind of fraudulent scam. | After calling her a litany of well deserved derogatory names, I hung up on her. Just a few minutes later I got a call from 314-394-2016 from a man who started the threats again immediately. I called him a few choice names and hung up. Got call #3 just a few minutes after that from 630-250-5644 with Tammy back on line with even more threats screaming at me that I'd go to jail. Of course, I knew better and hung up on her. | Also, very disturbing is the fact that ARA had my SS#, unlisted landline phone and tracphone number when I've only had these lines about a year. I called my telephone provider, and they did assure me that my phone number was listed as private. There are hundreds of complaints on line similar to mine, except most people were intimidated enough to give them money. These people need to be stopped. They are extremely vicious and it would be enough to frighten most people. I can see how so many caved into these crooks. | I've reported them to the Dept of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, Oregon Attorney General's office and the FBI Fraud Dept. which I strongly encourage all to do. The FTC # is 877-382-4357. Obviously, they're not even worthy of one star. They all need to be in prison

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