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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ArctiCold Refrigeration at on 31-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: ArctiCold Refrigeration
  • Address: 563 Chemin Renauds Mills
  • City: Renauds Mills
  • State: Faroe Islands
  • Country: Canada
  • Phone: 15065252550
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ArctiCold Refrigeration published at on 31-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

The first of three incorrect statements made by the writer above, pertains to the customers' shipping responsibilities after the first 2 years have passed of the Arcticold lifetime warranty. The $580 cooling system part is covered fully for lifetime of our customer, however only one-way shipping is required to be covered by the customer after the 2nd year following original | purchase date. | Our writer's second false statement, relates to the cost of the shipping. In 2014, the average shipping cost for an Arcticold cooling system was $60 throughout the contiguous United States and Canada. Arcticold will take care of arranging the shipping and bill the customer our excellent courier rates, for the product's one-way shipping cost. We will cover the shipping of our original unit back to our shop, so we can examine the unit, test it to determine whether the problem is related to the unit or customer error, then take corrective action within our shop fabrication process, if necessary. | I'm not sure where the writer is getting gets his courier rates, ($426?! Yikes!!!!!), but our rates are among the best in the nation because of the fact that we ship thousands of units annually. As I said earlier, about $60 anywhere throughout the US/Canada is the actual cost to ship Arcticold's cooling systems. "Volume" translates into considerably better prices, within the commercial courier/carrier industry. That's a very simple business principle, that somehow has eluded this young writer. | The third false statement by this young writer, pertains to his misleading comment about basic economics. His comment about "shipping rates changing from year to year" is correct, but so does the overall cost of living, and many paycheques of Americans from year to year, and furthermore the value of the cooling system itself, currently valued at $580 in today's market, will be higher in 2 years. In 10 years, maybe double … and will remain to be a fully covered part by our warranty. Maybe a course in introduction to economics would be in order? Not sure if this will help this writer… | Arcticold's prices on all of our cooling systems, include shipping to all of the 48 contiguous US states. We charge a little more to customers in Alaska and Newfoundland, but just a nominal additional fee. | For those who read this write-up, it was written up by a competitor of ours. I won't bother to blow his cover, but we know exactly who this individual is. This was not written up by a customer. | Our customers love the Arcticold lifetime warranty, because our customers know that Arcticold has been around for years and years, and that our products are so obviously manufactured with the highest quality materials possible, thereby the warranty protects them from having to deal with a costly RV fridge cooling system failure in the future, either from the purchase of another OEM fridge, or from one of the sub-par cooling systems produced by a great many amateur rebuilders. There are a precious few quality rebuilders in the market, but the writer of this story is unfortunately not one of them. | For example, our aftermarket Norcold 1200 cooling system, built for Norcold 12 cubic foot side-by-side fridge, weighs about 54 lbs more than the OEM unit. Why? Because our steel tubing is almost double the thickness. We have 4 condensers, not just one as in the case with the OEM. Our absorber coil has 40% more pipe. These features together enable the Arcticold Cooling system to "labor a lot less" than the OEM cooling system product. When the customers takes our cooling system out of the box, they comment about how much more rugged our unit feels and ask why it is so much heavier. We are proud to answer these questions for our customers. | Our writer did get one fact right in his article. Our address. Thank you for that. Our toll free number, and free customer/technical support number is 888 782-6665. Also, please fans of Arcticold, please like us on Facebook, link us on LinkedIn, and pin us on Pinterest! Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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