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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Arizona Flyer Service at on 03-Dec-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Arizona Flyer Service
  • Address: 14201 N Hayden Rd. C4
  • City: Scottsdale
  • State: American Samoa
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 480-621-6030
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Arizona Flyer Service published at on 03-Dec-14 says, verbatim –

I was very disappointed in AZ Flyer Service. Tom came across as a credible, no nonsense business man saying “I only hire health nuts and retirees” to deliver flyers. He took my dated items, did not deliver them, charged my card for $1200, and when I started asking questions about why my clients were stating they didn’t receive the items, and why I wasn’t seeing them on doors, he fired me. I demanded my materials back and got only half of them and credit for half. Now I was stuck with 5500 pieces of expensive, dated material, 4500 “missing” pieces and out $540! When I disputed the $540 with my credit card, he harrassed me via email. I demanded he stop, and he later emailed me again. He says he is former law enforcement, sure doesn’t seem to know the rules about harrassment. | I wanted to have 10,000 flyers delivered monthly. The first month, my response rate was lower than usual. I thought maybe it was a slow month. Some of my best clients said they hadn’t received the item. I contacted AZ Flyer Service, and said “I can understand if you missed a street, it happens with that many flyers.” They told me “The house must have been for sale, or loaded with unread flyers.” I bought it. | The next month I was more diligent, reminded them of the streets missed in the last delivery, rode my bike around the neighborhoods before the delivery and after. I realized my items were only on streets I had told them were missed in the last delivery. Kelly, who worked for Tom told me that the flyers weren’t delivered and he had fired the two parents and son who were supposed to deliver them. Tom later told me they weren’t fired. (?) and Kelly changed his story and then printed a google map and highlighted all the streets and said the items were delivered. My clients were on these streets, they did not receive the flyer, and again my response rate was zero from new clients. I even knocked on a few doors and people had not seen the flyer. | Looking back, I should have known that flyer delivery would not work for a few reasons: | 1. Even the expensive services with GPS on their delivery folks have problems and high turnover due to dumping items instead of delivering them. Why would this group be any different without GPS or a system of marking flyers? | 2. The amount of flyers they said they were able to deliver in a few days with a few people did not add up, I’ve walked flyers door to door myself, and I know how long it takes. | 3. The work is hard, especially in the heat, for not a lot of pay, the people who take these jobs usually take them because they can’t do anything else and often do not have the best ethics, for example they might say they deliver then just dump the items. | 4. Tom said he had “big contracts with the city”, etc…it occurs to me now that no one from the city probably ever follows up, because they aren’t a small business owner like me who is looking for response and in communication with my clients, so they probably don’t even know what is going on. Same with contracts for Walmart, Kohl’s, etc. | 5. When I offered to drop flyers off, he said he would pick them up…drove an hour to pick them up? Why? Is it a real office? | Interestingly, Tom tried to get me to print flyers through “his guy”, and they offered to reduce their printing price by half to get my business. I did not switch, but I often wonder if the items would ever have been printed and delivered, or would he have pocketed the printing fees as well as the delivery fees and never done either. | I have begun using with the U.S. Post office. It is 16.5 cents per item, and my response rate is back up and my clients are getting my flyers again. Sooo happy! It might seem confusing to set up at first, but call the USPS toll free number and they will handle it for you. Best Decision. EVER.

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