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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Arizona's Best Estate Sales and Tracy Thomas at on 08-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Arizona's Best Estate Sales and Tracy Thomas
  • Address: 3977 E Meadowlark Way
  • City: Queen Creek
  • State: American Samoa
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 6023305832
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Arizona's Best Estate Sales and Tracy Thomas published at on 08-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

The individual who posted the review up above knows good and well that the estate sale occurred. All they would have to do is ask their Realtor, neighbors etc. While they are truthful that the home was a custom 4000 sq ft lake side house, they fail to mention that the majority of the home was empty. What they left behind would have fit in to a 1000 sq ft house and was mediocre at best. | What many of these people fail to mention is that family and friends pick through all of the desirable "good stuff". Many times the estate sale companies are simply left with cast offs and items that really should just be donated or thrown away. | When we first did the assessment for the individual up above, there were many more items that were supposed to be in the sale. By time we started the setup, most items of any value were gone. | We proceeded with the estate sale and consigned in other furniture pieces from other customers. | They were VERY lucky to even receive the amount they got, considering the type of outdated, dirty items that they left us to sell. They also received a small percentage from the consignments. | To those individuals that are considering an estate sale. You cannot expect to receive lots of money from outdated furniture, low end decor, half used cleaning supplies, dirty rugs, books and kitchen misc. It just will not happen. Estate sale companies are NOT miracle workers. You have to give us something other than the cast offs from 10 family members. If you want us to handle items such at the individual posted up above, then be honest and big enough of a person to admit that no one else wanted the items. (this was a Very large family that has already gone through everything). And don't post lies! Yes a house can be large and custom but that many times that is absolutely no reflection of what is remaining inside. | Also, to all you individuals that want to post lies on online review sites. Be man enough to post your name, A Real Name! If you are being 100% factual and want to complain about an estate sale company not getting you enough for your belongings, then post a link to the sale ads (they typically will still come up a year later). That way the consumers out there can actually look up the sales and see for themselves whether or not they think your sale was worth $3000 or was worth the thousands more that you claim it was worth. | To consumers out there, keep in mind that many times the family has stripped the sale out from under the estate sale company and we have to stage/consign in items. And, keep in mind that everything does not always sell. | In the case of the individual up above, lots of items that no one wanted to purchase were donated on behalf of the family. | So while this unhappy person complains about deceit on our end. They are deceitful in their review and purposely are not telling you that the lovely 4000 sq ft home had very few items in it (entire upstairs was empty except for an old dresser, and twin size bed and an old desk! There was absolutely no family room furniture, there was in fact living room furniture (white fabric sofas and glass top tables) and a very outdated dining room table. The huge master bedroom contained ONLY a king size bed and canopy headboard and 1 armoire and part of a sectional, YES only the middle section of a sectional. And the office had a torn up desk. | There was older kitchen items, pantry items, some religious books, some cleaning supplies and a small amount of garage items. The few items of decor like silk plants, they wanted left at the home for staging. | There you have it! They were Very lucky to get $3000.

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