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Business Details –

  • Name: Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology Associates
  • Address: Kanis Road
  • City: Little Rock
  • State: AR
  • Phone: (501) 801-1200
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 1425 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology Associates published at says, verbatim –


I am very pregnant now (9 months) from a different clinic in California but went Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology Associates to plan the way ahead for our future pregnancies and family planning.I write this review not to slam Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology Associates but to reach out to the administrators and leadership to hopefully use their influence to spread their passion for building families and to make a change.First impressions over phone. – We called (and I am not over exaggerating here) 12 to 15 times to make an appointment.Each time I was transferred to various voicemails and never received a call back until the last time.Typically the person we spoke with was quick, not kind on the phone, and couldn’t transfer us to a vm inbox quick enough.It took over a month and half just to schedule an appointment that would occur over 1.5 months after first contact.When we arrived for our appointment the office was nice and seemed to be clean and organized.All that you might expect from your doctors office. No great disappointments here or overwhelming first impressions here.Now for the most disappointing aspect – the attitudes of the entire staff we encountered (not including Dr. Batres).I, having been to several fertility clinics in other parts of the country, feel I have adequate examples or instances to compare this experience with.Most times when you walk into a fertility clinic you encounter kindness, compassion, joy, and people who truly enjoy helping to bring the gift of life to families, and helping them make dreams come true.There has always been a sense of responsibility and personal enjoyment for helping others you can feel in other fertility clinics I have experienced.Sadly, you will not find that here. The staff we encountered were short and almost cold with us, never smiled, were not kindAbove all did not come across as happy or as a team that enjoys or takes pride in their roles at this clinic helping to make dreams come true and completing families. How disappointing.We had a lengthy discussion with Dr. Batres who was kind. He can be a bit confusing, awkward, and difficult to follow but was really very nice.He ordered typical labs and we never heard back any results. We called many many times and finally someone called and left a message about some “concerning” numbers to discuss.After trying NUMEROUS times to reach someone to go over the lab results and hearing nothing back we simply gave up.No one ever contacted us for a follow-up appointment to map out our path or to tell us what the next steps were or if Dr. Batres had a recommended plan.We never heard back from anyone (but they were very quick to bill our insurance). We have now decided we will go to Oklahoma for our fertility needs.The fertility process is stressful enough without adding to that the stress of a clinic where they are extremely non-responsive.Clearly have no interest in being patient advocates, and are very unhappy. It is sad this clinic has such a monopoly on fertility treatments in Little Rock (UAMS does offer limited fertility treatments but as I understand it IVF ICSI etc is not offered).I almost feel sorry for the staff who come off so miserable in their jobs. We can only hope someone will open another clinic in LR with the passion to help build families


Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology Associates

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